The Few, The Proud, The Undead

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The Few, The Proud, The Undead

Marines May Retire Iconic Slogan 'The Few ... The Proud ... The Marines'

Welcome to Loot. Checkout Your Cart Price. Torrence had three of the military's best under his command. Together, they were four tough, mean-looking bad-asses, like "The Wild Bunch" in camouflage. They were sent deep into enemy territory to recover a crashed spy satellite, but the mission took a horrific turn after an attack by a strange, vicious creature. The soldiers were forced to turn their weapons on each other, as one by one they were transformed into hideous, indestructible, blood-thirsty monsters!

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Marines are once again 'The Few, The Proud'

Subscribe to our newsletter Some error text Name. Email address subscribed successfully. A activation email has been sent to you. The military specialty of the undead reflects that of the fallen soldier, so only the bones of a bowman can produce a skeletal archer. So where, then, do these styles come from? Gyrnar Shult believed that the Karrnathi undead were animated by the martial spirit of Karrnath itself. This is why they can be produced only from the corpses of elite Karrnathi soldiers: an enemy corpse lacks the connection to Karrnath, while a fallen farmer has no bond to war.

Karrnathi undead never show emotion and never speak without cause. A Karrnathi skeleton is content to stand motionless and silent for days if there is no reason to move. The distinctive armor of the Karrnathi skeletons is forged for them and fitted to their fleshless bones. Fort Bones operates a small forge for this purpose, though most of this armor is created at the Night Forge of Atur.

Do Karrnathi undead have thoughts and opinions? A Karrnathi skeleton obeys the orders of its commander without question. It fights without fear and will hold a position even at the cost of its own existence. Regarding memories of past lives: by canon, no, Karrnathi undead have no memories of their past lives. They are always lawful evil, regardless of the alignment of the donor.

BUT … with that said, see the next section for other ideas. By canon, definitely not. Their true opinions and thoughts are intentionally mysterious. Such skeletons could possess more distinct personalities, could be capable of learning new skills, and could possess memories of their former lives.

And this could work for a player character.

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Mabar is the plane of entropy and loss , the darkness that eventually consumes all light. You might wonder if you would find her again, if you also died on the battlefield. Or you might wonder if some piece of her is trapped in those bones, held captive by the cruel spirit and never truly able to rest. The Blood of Vol has had a presence in Karrnath for over a thousand years, but it has never been the faith of the majority. During the Last War, Kaius I embraced the Blood of Vol and it gained greater influence, and it was in this time that the undead were incorporated into the Karrnathi army.

The chivalric orders of the Seekers were disbanded, and Kaius has used the Seekers as a scapegoat—blaming the famines and plagues that crippled Karrnath on the Seekers. The faith still has a significant presence in Karrnath, but it is neither the majority faith nor in a position of power.

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More on this—including the history of the Bone Knight—can be found in this article. Now: the Seekers have always used undead for menial tasks. They have no emotional attachment to corpses; a Seeker wants their body to be put to good use after they are gone. So within a Seeker community, you could definitely find zombies working the fields. The sentient Karrnathi zombies are a different thing—a more recent development, and ill-suited to noncombat tasks.

By canon presentation, no. The bones of a dead relative are no different than a set of clothes or piece of jewelry the deceased wore in life. The basic principle of the Blood of Vol is that what matters is the divine spark what others might call the soul and that this is obliterated in Dolurrh.

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A Seeker pays respects to the dead by recalling their deeds and following their example. The bones the deceased leave behind are a resource to be used, not a thing to be treasured. Were the Odakyr Rites created, found, or both? What was the malign spark that granted them the sudden necromantic advance? This is covered in Dungeon The Blood of Vol has always had a strong presence in the agricultural region of Odakyr, which also contains a powerful manifest zone tied to Mabar. Gyrnar Shult and Malevenor then living developed the Odakyr Rites after years of research and work.

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Did Shult and Malevenor discover some sort of artifact tied to Mabar at the heart of the manifest zone? Did they tap into the power of Katashka the Gatekeeper, or acquire some sort of ancient Qabalrin tome from Erandis Vol? Or did they just legitimately develop a new necromantic technique that no one had mastered before, which is entirely possible?

Despite their cruelty, are the Karrnathi undead truly what Shult believed—empowered by the patriotic spirits of the fallen—or is there a darker secret? Were Karrnathi undead created for any other branches of the Karrnathi military? Did Karrnath have any airships in its service with undead parachute troopers?

The Few, The Proud, The Undead The Few, The Proud, The Undead
The Few, The Proud, The Undead The Few, The Proud, The Undead
The Few, The Proud, The Undead The Few, The Proud, The Undead
The Few, The Proud, The Undead The Few, The Proud, The Undead
The Few, The Proud, The Undead The Few, The Proud, The Undead
The Few, The Proud, The Undead The Few, The Proud, The Undead

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