Best of 2009 MY BAD TEQUILA TRIPS (Tequila, Rock n Roll, Insanity, Personalities, Sports)

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Taylor Velvet Falernum John D. Taylor's Velvet Falernum John D. Absinthe Verte Leopold Bros. American Orange Liqueur Leopold Bros. Georgia Peach Whiskey Leopold Bros. Maraschino Liqueur Leopold Bros. Overproof Rum Plantation O. Jelinek Fernet R.

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M Rhum J. M Agricole Blanc Rhum J. Elizabeth Allspice Dram St. George Absinthe St. George Absinthe Verte St. George Green Chile Vodka St. George Pear Brandy St. George Raspberry Brandy St. George Raspberry Liqueur St. George Spiced Pear Liqueur St. Save to Collection. Appears in my Collections. From our Friends. Related Content. On the Fence About Gin? I Tried to Like Baijiu. I Failed. Do I Do with This? Peach Schnapps.

Load More Follow on Instagram. Either way, the hit has enough hooks to make both parties come out looking good. Spears spent much of Britney Jean getting Auto-Tuned into oblivion, but if that album was the price of admission for a song as warm and full of feeling as this one, consider it worth it. Few pop stars have had as many comebacks as Brit, but this chart topping single is her best return. After her excruciating , she rebounded with the first Circus single — a slick earworm about catching your philandering dude in a lie.

The public always hungered for another photo, another story, another scandal. Yet when it comes to her finest ballad and one of the most emotionally affecting songs of her career, you really have Britney to thank. As the story goes, she wrote the bones of this track on the piano by herself before giving it to producer Guy Sigsworth to flesh out. And her studio partner, Max Martin, was still better known as Martin Sandberg, a former Swedish rocker trying his hand at pop production and songwriting. Hell no! The tune shot straight to No.

NK, and many more. Martin wrote No. Spears also introduced a new archetype of pop star, one whose likeness is splashed across everything from perfumes to Pepsi cans—and whose personal life is the endless subject of tabloid covers. From the first crazy seesaw of those opening strings—so Norman Bates does disco! A girl like her should wear a warning. Home Article Every Britney Spears song, ranked. Every Britney Spears song, ranked.

FB Twitter ellipsis More. Image zoom. By Kevin O'Donnell. By Leah Greenblatt. By Nolan Feeney. By Jessica Goodman. By Madison Vain. By Dylan Kickham. By Ruth Kinane. By Chuck Arnold. By Jim Farber. Popular in Article. Close Share options. While Walt may not have won that one, he did get Gus to agree to bring Jesse back into the fold. The bulk of the episode takes place in the hospital waiting room, but Jesse injects a bit of much-needed humor as he treats their new lab like an amusement park. Season 3, Episode 4 Skyler knew what she was doing when she told Walt that she was sleeping with her boss.

The revelation sends him on a downward spiral which lands him at Skyler's workplace, where he attempts to bust into Ted Beneke's office with a potted plant. It doesn't go so well for him. Nor does his attempt to seduce Carmen, the far-too-attractive principal at his school, who ends up firing him for his creepy behavior.

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Though he's definitely down and on his way out, Walter still insists that he won't go back to cooking meth. Until Gus devises a simple way to coax him out of retirement: Hire Jesse instead. Walt's ego can't take it, and Gus knows it's only a matter of time. Season 3, Episode 2 After being kicked out of the house by Skyler, Walt is acting like a baby.

While she's at work, he sneaks into the house to take a shower and act a little bit like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone. And as was the case for little Kevin McCallister, there's a pair of bad guys casing the joint.

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Tuco's creepy cousins. Having sworn off the drug world, Walt is floundering a bit. He's trying to make amends with Skyler, but she can't be swayed… not even when he shows up with the world's largest pizza. Which promptly ends up on the roof -- and yes, that's all Bryan Cranston. Season 2, Episode 5 Fearful of being put in another Tuco-like situation, Walt and Jesse decide that they don't need a distributor after all. With the help of Jesse's merry band of meth-lovers -- Skinny Pete, Badger, and Combo -- they launch their own little blue empire. For maybe the first time, Jesse realizes his value in this partnership and that Walt needs him in order to keep his growing empire going, and tells him so.

Desperate to regain the upper hand, Walter sees his opportunity when Skinny Pete gets robbed by a pair of junkies, and insists that Jesse -- who's not big on confrontation -- take care of the situation. Season 4, Episode 3 For such a meticulously plotted series, there's one storyline in the series that didn't really do much to further the show's narrative or character development: Marie's kleptomania. Just when you thought they had thankfully abandoned it back in season one, Sticky Hands Marie is back.

Then again, when your current home life involves changing your husband's diapers and checking his latest shipment of rocks sorry, minerals for damage, maybe we shouldn't judge. Meanwhile, Skyler is determined to buy the car wash from Bogdan and his eyebrows -- especially after he treated her so poorly -- so she brainstorms with Saul to make it happen. It ends on a more intriguing note, when Hank, still recovering from being shot, receives Gale's lab notes and is slowly lured back into the game. Season 4, Episode 4 Skyler gets an A for thoroughness.

As she and Walt get ready to announce they're buying the car wash, she wants to make sure they've got their stories straight and that they sound natural. So she prints up a list of bullet points and some scripted dialogue for them to drop on Hank, Marie, and Walter Jr.

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But the real star of this episode is Gale Boetticher, who is momentarily back from the dead in a bizarre karaoke video that's part of the evidence Hank has been given on the Heisenberg case. He can't wait to show it to the Walts. Season 3, Episode 3 Wondering what "I. Though she calls the police and attempts to have him removed, the fact that they're not legally separated -- and that they own the house together -- limits her options in de-Walting the house. So she makes a power grab in the only way she knows how: She screws her boss. Then, in the loudest whisper ever uttered, relishes telling him about it.

Season 4, Episode 5 Like so many arrogant individuals before him, hubris gets the best of Walt. He couldn't just leave well enough alone and let Hank keep on thinking that Gale Boetticher was the genius chemist Heisenberg. No, no, no, no, no. After a few too many glasses of wine, Walt tells Hank that he saw Gale's lab notes and isn't convinced that he is indeed the individual Hank's been looking for. They're only five little words, but they stick in Hank's head enough that he decides to revisit the case.

Instead, Walt -- acting like a petulant teenager -- takes the car into an abandoned parking lot, does some donuts, then ignites the gas tank and watches the car blow up. He doesn't care. No one tells Walt what to do. Walt's been tracking Jesse's movements and knows that he's been spending face time with Gus but has yet to poison him with the ricin, as they had planned. Jesse, for once, feels appreciated and important and vows to never see Walter again. On the other side of the law, Hank has Walt playing chauffeur to his suspicions about Gus whom Hank has dubbed a "chicken-slinging son of a bitch" and what kind of business Los Pollos Hermanos really is.

Season 1, Episode 5 Walt and Jesse's original partnership was only meant to be a temporary thing -- they'd cook together long enough for Walt to accumulate the dollars he needed to keep his family comfortable in the event of his death. But when he and Skyler spend the day at a lavish birthday party for his well-to-do former partner Elliott, Walter's resentment about the life he might have had bubbles straight to the surface.

When Elliott suggests the two of them resume working together -- and even offers to pay Walter's medical bills when he learns of his illness -- Walt refuses to accept the help. Newly energized to make something more of himself, he lets Jesse know that he's ready to cook again. The timing couldn't have been better for Jesse, who recently enlisted the help of his lovable pal Badger, who seems more interested in using their beakers as comic props than drug cooking paraphernalia. You've got to love Badger. Season 5, Episode 3 Walt, Jesse, and Mike are partnering up and need to find a place to cook.

They ultimately land on Vamonos Pest, a fumigation company that will allow them to cook out of individual clients' homes and not have anyone think twice about weird smells.

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Props to Saul for once again trying to sell one of his clients on laser tag. But Walt learns the true cost of being a business owner when Mike divides up their earnings at the end of a long cook. But this episode largely belongs to Skyler, who seems to finally grasp the gravity of what she's bought into by aiding Walter, and pretty much loses her damn mind.

Though her telling Marie to "Shut up" on a loop is something we've all wanted to do at one point. Season 2, Episode 3 Having been missing for days following their kidnapping at the hands of Tuco, Walter and Jesse have to come up with a couple of believable alibis -- especially as Jesse's car was found at the scene. While he claims to have been shacked up with everyone's favorite prostitute, Wendy, for a few days, Walter's got more tracks to cover.

So he does what any quick-thinking person would do: strips down to his birthday suit and walks into a grocery store, then claims to have no memory of the incident. His doctors chalk it up to a "fugue state," even if Skyler seems slightly skeptical. Viewers, however, see it for exactly what it is: Walt's comfort with lying to those he supposedly loves without a second thought, not to mention concocting a fairly elaborate plot to save Jesse with relative ease at the same time.

The moral of the story? Never underestimate your nerdy science teacher. Season 3, Episode 1 In the wake of Season 2's plane crash, all of Albuquerque seems to be mourning. But Walter and Skyler have other problems: Namely, that he's being dishonest with her. She knows that he has two cell phones, but isn't sure why. Finally, he comes clean.

For Skyler, it's the last straw -- and probably worse than what she was imagining. Which leads Walt, who has still been rationalizing his crimes, to declare that he's done with the drug business. Meanwhile, Jesse's in rehab and blaming himself for Jane's death. For the most part, it's a quiet episode, except for those two creepy twins Tuco's long-ago-promised cousins crawling their way across the border from Mexico with the sole goal of finding and killing the seemingly mythical Heisenberg.

Season 3, Episode 5 While Walt is still sticking to his retirement from the drug business, Jesse is busy trying to ratchet his career back up. Which makes this episode's flashback to Season 1 -- and how the partners came to acquire their original RV, aka The Krystal Ship -- a nice change of pace, and a happy stroll down meth memory lane. Especially as it involves a long night at a strip club and Jesse hilariously mispronouncing Dom Perignon. But flash back to the current day and the tables quickly turn: Gus shows Walter the super lab he built specifically for him and seduces him with their mutual respect for chemistry.

Season 1, Episode 7 While Walter's reputation as a king in the drug world is rising, at home he's still largely the same old would-be brilliant scientist who settled for life as a high school chemistry teacher and is now fighting an aggressive form of lung cancer. He's ready to change that, and decides to start by getting frisky with Skyler under the table in the middle of a PTA meeting.

But just as Walt starts settling into his new tough-guy persona, he sees what a real drug kingpin acts like when Tuco beats one of his own guys to death for basically just opening his mouth. As the first season ends, Walter is almost back to square one -- wondering if he's really got the mettle to do this. Season 2, Episode 1 Enigmatologists found a lot to love about Breaking Bad' s second season, beginning with "Seven Thirty-Seven," its first episode and the first title of several titles in the season that, once strung together, amounted to "Seven Thirty-Seven Down Over ABQ" -- a reference to the plane disaster that plays out in pieces throughout the season, beginning with that unexplained pink bunny floating in the Whites' pool.

Though it will take until Season 3 for us to fully understand what happened here, this is the episode that sets it all up, ending with Jesse and Walter being taken hostage by a truly pissed off Tuco.

Season 2, Episode 7 A junkie named Spooge gets his head crushed by an ATM machine, and word spreads that it was Jesse who did the deed. Except it wasn't. But that doesn't matter to Walt, who sees this as an opportunity for them to earn some street cred. Meanwhile, while the rest of ABQ thinks he's a ruthless murderer, the real Jesse is having sweet hold-handing moments with his new girlfriend Jane.

But the real star of this episode is Danny Trejo -- well, Danny Trejo's decapitated head, which Hank watches crawl across the desert in El Paso atop a turtle. For once, Hank is speechless. Season 1, Episode 1 Critics often talk about how television has become more "cinematic," and Breaking Bad 's pilot is a perfect example of what those people are talking about. But the bulk of the credit goes to Vince Gilligan, who both wrote and directed the episode, which jumps back and forth in time a bit to set up the duality of Walter White in his earliest days as a meth cook: doting husband and dad at home working two jobs to keep food on the table, and startup meth cook whose knowledge of chemistry is the only thing he seems to have going for him in terms of bringing any sort of game to the drug trade.

Like any good pilot, the episode gives you just enough information to understand the narrative setup -- but not so much that you don't feel compelled to watch the next episode. Season 1, Episode 2 Walt and Jesse's first attempt at selling their meth goes horribly awry, and leaves them with one dead drug dealer Emilio and a not-quite-dead one Krazy He's a loose end that needs to be tied up, and the partners determine who is going to do the deed the way any hardened criminals would: They flip a coin, and Walter ends up with the unenviable task of taking care of Krazy He knows what he has to do, but keeps coming up with excuses to avoid the inevitable.

And though we're only two episodes in, we can empathize -- because this is clearly a good and moral man who simply made one bad decision that led to another one… right? Try telling that to Skyler, who, when she makes it known that she's worried about him, is icily informed by Walt that what he really needs "is for you to climb down out of my ass. Season 2, Episode 13 When Jesse wakes up to find Jane's lifeless body next to him, his first call is to Walt, who -- feigning surprise -- promises that he'll take care of it.

He calls Saul, who sends over everyone's favorite cleaner, Mike Ehrmantraut in his first appearance, which is brief but memorable. Walt gets to be the hero to Jesse, his shoulder to cry on, but the episode is much more panoramic. Titled "ABQ," it shows how Walt's regularly selfish decisions are affecting the world around him.

In this case, by letting Jane die, he left her air traffic controller father so devastated that he inadvertently caused a mid-air collision that dropped bodies, fuselage, and that notorious pink bunny right onto Walt's doorstep. Season 2, Episode 10 With Walter's cancer in remission, Skyler wants to party. But Walt's not in a celebratory mood, because he's at a crossroads: If he only started cooking meth as a way to ensure his family's future financial security, then this means he can stop doing it now… except he doesn't want to.

While family and friends gather to toast Walt's road to recovery, the conflicted patriarch is more concerned with making sure everyone knows who's in charge. After butting heads with Hank and drinking way too much tequila, he forces an eager-to-please Walt Jr. Though he's been known to treat Skyler cruelly, Walt has never done so with his son. Though he apologizes the next day, his behavior seems to indicate that he's made a decision over whether to be the dedicated family man or king of the ABQ drug scene.

My one personal issue with this episode is: After downing tequila with dad and Uncle Hank, how did Walt Jr. Season 5, Episode 12 While Skyler has become immune to Walter's lies, Hank is only just beginning to understand the depths of his descent into bad-breaking. But Jesse? He's watched the master manipulator in action and should really know better by now.

Yet he always seems to be searching for a certain kind of acknowledgement from Walt -- a nod or a smile that lets him know that he's needed and loved -- and has been willing to overlook many of his behavioral indiscretions in pursuit of that.

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But when he realizes that Walter's been using him just as he has everyone else, and that he put Brock's life on the line to get what he wanted, Jesse becomes the titular "rabid dog. Unfortunately, Hank still doesn't understand just who he's going up against. Season 5, Episode 2 Here's the funny thing about Breaking Bad : You can watch an opening scene unfold in Germany, where a man sits in a corporate test kitchen trying a variety of condiments, then walks into a bathroom and kills himself -- and not feel like you've gone off-track in any way. Unlike Lost 's polar bear, you know there's a point.

And that it will all be explained. And you're excited to understand what the hell is going on. Back in Albuquerque, Walt and Jesse are rebuilding their relationship for the th time and manage to recruit Mike to become part of their new operation. Season 5, Episode 6 Walt and Jesse have probably used as much hydrofluoric acid throughout the series as they have methylamine, and they have to bring it out again to clean up the aftermath of Todd's itchy trigger finger following the ending of "Dead Freight.

With a dead kid on their consciences, both Jesse and Mike are ready to get out of the business.

Best of 2009 MY BAD TEQUILA TRIPS (Tequila, Rock n Roll, Insanity, Personalities, Sports) Best of 2009 MY BAD TEQUILA TRIPS (Tequila, Rock n Roll, Insanity, Personalities, Sports)
Best of 2009 MY BAD TEQUILA TRIPS (Tequila, Rock n Roll, Insanity, Personalities, Sports) Best of 2009 MY BAD TEQUILA TRIPS (Tequila, Rock n Roll, Insanity, Personalities, Sports)
Best of 2009 MY BAD TEQUILA TRIPS (Tequila, Rock n Roll, Insanity, Personalities, Sports) Best of 2009 MY BAD TEQUILA TRIPS (Tequila, Rock n Roll, Insanity, Personalities, Sports)
Best of 2009 MY BAD TEQUILA TRIPS (Tequila, Rock n Roll, Insanity, Personalities, Sports) Best of 2009 MY BAD TEQUILA TRIPS (Tequila, Rock n Roll, Insanity, Personalities, Sports)
Best of 2009 MY BAD TEQUILA TRIPS (Tequila, Rock n Roll, Insanity, Personalities, Sports) Best of 2009 MY BAD TEQUILA TRIPS (Tequila, Rock n Roll, Insanity, Personalities, Sports)
Best of 2009 MY BAD TEQUILA TRIPS (Tequila, Rock n Roll, Insanity, Personalities, Sports) Best of 2009 MY BAD TEQUILA TRIPS (Tequila, Rock n Roll, Insanity, Personalities, Sports)

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