Gods Delay, Is Not Gods Denial : Help for the Weary

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A. Demonic Activity Can Cause Delays In Your Life. Daniel 10:13

My attitude immediately changed, my way of thinking changed too, and I knew that I had been demanding results from God, instead of asking. I was telling God the time that I wanted things to be done and how they should be done. This was very wrong, but thank God for revealing to me that we should not demand from God - instead we should ask and then wait for his response.

We should always wait for his time and not our own. Everyone finds themselves in waiting rooms from time to time. How about waiting at the airport, at the bus stop, you can even wait at a traffic light or when driving your own car. It is all about waiting, life is about waiting. If we are not patient enough to wait for the issues that we deal with in our every day life, how will it be possible to wait for God? I am not very patient in dealing with the delays in everyday life, and to be very honest, that is why it is difficult for me to wait on God.

Ecclesiastes ,11 teaches us about the different kinds of seasons in a year and that there are also different kinds of seasons in our lives. Jesus Christ died once and for all he will never die again. There are certain things that happen in our lives that will never happen again.

Once God opens his door for us then no one can close that door. In other words what we need is a breakthrough to be the people whom God created us to be. Joshua, in the book of 1 Kings , was promised that it was going to rain, but he was never told when. Joshua waited patiently, because he knew that if God says he can do something he will do it.

Our God is a faithful God who will never lie to his children. So during our times of waiting we should always wait with joy, expecting that God will do what he said he will do.


God's Delays Are Not Denials — Charisma Magazine

Being around negative people will make us disappointed, discouraged, and sometimes even cause us to give up on our dreams. Friends, family members, our church family even co-workers can sometimes mislead us - not intentionally, but unknowingly. If God has put a dream inside us we must be very careful to guard it. And with whom did you leave those few sheep in the desert? I know how conceited you are and how wicked your heart is, you came down only to watch the battle.

This is a very good lesson for us, there is nothing wrong with people advising us but we should be very careful not to lose our dreams. He is the beginning and the ending. If he begins something in our lives he will make sure that whatever it is gets finished. Starting something for selfish reasons usually makes people give up before their goals are accomplished. Our true character can only be discovered by not giving up on our dreams. No matter how long it takes to make it, be patient and wait expecting that God will truly do what he said he will do. A delay is not a denial! Let me encourage you.

I have been there, I know what it is like; never ever give up on your dreams no matter how long it takes to get there. God bless for such insight!! Thank you so much for this. I recently lost my job and it has been extremely hard on my family. I am concerned that we will eventually lose our home as well as all things that it takes to maintain a household. My family needs me.

Not to mention its a weak way to go out. In desperate need of prayer. There have been times when I felt so low and discouraged that thoughts of suicide crossed my mind too but like you, I have a son to take care of and a family that loves me and needs me. Please never ever give into that temptation or those thoughts okay.

Because God and God alone should be the one who takes us home to heaven in His perfect timing. Read it every single day Stacy even for 15 minutes. Nothing is too hopeless or impossible for God.

5 Reasons God Doesn’t Answer Your Prayers

Keep praying and trusting and taking steps of faith. God will not let you down. Keep putting your resume out there and believe by faith that God will open up a door that no man can shut. Take this season one day at time…moment by moment. Look at the birds. Can all your worries add a single moment to your life? Look at the lilies of the field and how they grow.

And if God cares so wonderfully for wildflowers that are here today and thrown into the fire tomorrow, he will certainly care for you. Why do you have so little faith? What will we drink? What will we wear? Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. So when thoughts of hopelessness, fear, worry, or depression come…read this passage of scripture over and over again. Reminding yourself God is still on the throne and He promises to provide all that you need.

He loves you so much and created you for a distinct purpose. You have to trust Him completely and give all these anxieties to Him. Anytime you need someone to pray for you or talk to you, our church office has a Pastor on duty that takes calls throughout the day. The phone number is Know that I am praying for you! God will come through for you I just know it. Hi Amanda! Thank you for sharing your story, very inspiring indeed! My hopes are getting high every time my prayers are being answered. But apart from just having a communication with the person, I am really praying that we will restore our relationship and start all over again.

I still have faith that God will make a way for the both of us cos I have seen how He answered my prayer for the past weeks. I pray that He will grant the deepest desire of my heart. I was praying about a man for 2 years!! But it turned out to not be the man God had for me. It was really hard to allow the door to be closed but looking back, I am so glad it did. So yes! Keep praying and praying and never cease from praying.

Songs for Hope and Healing Worship Songs Playlist

The doors God opens no man can close. And the doors God closes no man can open! But if not, then He has someone even better for you!! Our feelings and emotions, especially as women, get us off track sometimes. God will speak to you directly and encourage you as you wait for His perfect will.

Praying God guides you and blesses you with the godly man your heart desires.

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Thanks for the feedback, Amanda! Really enlightens me.

Making Sense of Suffering

He is a Christian and is really devoted to God. I just hope and pray that there is still a way for the both of us. I really miss talking to that person most especially when we have deep conversations about God. He actually brought me closer to God, and encourages me to read scriptures everyday. Nevertheless, I will keep on trusting God, He always has His ways. I still believe that in the end, He will not fail me and has a bigger plan for me. Thank you also for encouraging me to read the Bible. Apart from praying everyday, I will now try to read the Bible every day.

Thank you so much!! So be patient and trust that if it is in His plans for your life then it will come to pass one day. And if not, then God will show you and bring you someone else in His perfect timing too. Be encouraged though because again if this man is of God then it will all come together, but if not, you will be joined with the man God has ordained for you.

Again, a Christian man!! Because the man God chose for me to marry was so much better!! Keep seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and ALL these things will be added unto you. Matthew Probably dangerous for me to even try to post amongst such faithful people. Em, I found this trying to research how to have any faith when one has prayed for a lifetime. Literally, I am in my 50s, and feel like my prayer was ever answered.

I look forward to the peace of nonexistence. And just wanted to give up. You have to keep pressing forward. If nothing else Charles, as a follower of Jesus Christ you have the hope of eternal life in heaven. Is anything worth more than your soul? Sometimes we do want things that will hurt us in the end…. Think about the Christians who got into a car accident and are now disabled. Or the ones who lost a child!

Or the ones who lost everything. Should they just throw in the towel too? Of course not! Because again, this life here on earth is only temporary. None of us our promised tomorrow. None of us were ever promised all our hopes and dreams would come true. But we were promised heaven. A place where all of our tears will be wiped away. A place with streets of gold and exceedingly abundantly more than we could ever ask or think.

So please reconsider walking away from God. Choose to rather surrender your life to Him completely. Repent of any sin and ask for His forgiveness and I promise you…things will begin to change. Not overnight…maybe they will even get worst at first…but God will begin a deeper work in the depths of your heart.

He will fill you with His Holy Spirit and change you from the inside out. He will provide for you. He will answer your prayers according to His perfect will for your life. Satan is a liar. He wants only to seek, kill, and destroy you. But God loves you. Jesus said He came to give you life…and that more abundantly. The emptiness your feeling will only be able to be filled by God…nothing in this world will be able to fill it.

Trust me, I have tried. I tried to fill my hole with drugs, sex, relationships, alcohol, parties, etc. But nothing left me satisfied. Because only God can fill you overflowing. God wills for you only good Charles but we live in a fallen world. A world temporarily controlled by the devil! Its corrupt, evil, and in rebellion against God. But the Good News is Jesus Christ is coming back again!

He is coming as the lion of the tribe of Judah. He will rapture His church us home to heaven and bring judgement to this fallen world. But as Christians we will be in heaven!

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So you see when you look at the bigger picture…salvation is the most important thing in this life and the next one. God is not a genie in a bottle granting all our wishes and requests, but He is faithful. He is faithful to answer each and every prayer of His kids either a yes, no, or not yet.

Has God told me no before? Of course He has! But looking back I thank Him for not answering me the way I wanted. Because He had something better in store for me. Think of Job. A man in the bible…he was righteous and loved God. But satan took everything away from him. His kids all died. His lost all he had…but in the end check out what happened,. Curse God and die. Should we accept only good things from the hand of God and never anything bad? The Lord gave me what I had, and the Lord has taken it away. Praise the name of the Lord! So you see Charles, life here on earth was never meant to be perfect.

Because we are but pilgrims passing through on our way to eternity in heaven. Give God a second chance. As He has given us second chances…and 3rd chances…and will always give us forgiveness when we ask Him to. Surrender your life to Him completely. Cry out to Him. Be transparent with Him. Repent of any sin and trust in Him with all your heart. Read His Word every single day for even just 15 minutes…and I guarantee you…your life will radically change.

Praying for you. Jesus loves you so much He died for you Charles. I encourage you to purpose in your heart to keep pressing forward…and to never quit. I prayed to God for 6 years. I tried to be patient and begged him and told Him what I did not want to happen. It happened. You built this entire planet in less than a week. So that be patient is some crap to me. Everyone else has progressed except me no matter how hard I try. The people with me, the people behind me and the people behind them.

I know what I want out of life. God is preparing you for something greater. Do not worry! Heaven is our home NOT here. One of my favorite passages in Ecclesiastes 3. Because like Jason commented…our true home is in heaven. I think of the people born blind…. It will never be perfect. But again, it will not be like that forever. If you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ then you are never ever truly hopeless no matter how hopeless it may seem.

God has reserved a spot for you in heaven where every single tear will be wiped away. Everything that is evil and broken and corrupt and miserable will cease to be. So please…be encouraged! Everything works together for good to those who love God…those who are called according to His purposes!! I think about Joseph in the Bible and how he was thrown into the pit by his brothers…sold into slavery…worked long and hard but held his integrity then he was falsely accused and thrown into prison!

Then he was in prison for what seemed like forever and then it all started to turn around. God elevated him to power…. So you see…. He chose to trust God no matter what and God ended up turning all the bad around for good. The same happened with Job…and Paul…and so many others in the Bible. God is with you no matter what…and truly does have a plan for your life.

Jeremiah He has a distinct purpose for absolutely everything He gives you or takes away from you. Your eyes need to be looking up to heaven because again…. You are but a pilgrim passing through. Maybe a new season of blessings is right around the corner. Or maybe it will get worse. But I do there is always hope with God. Keep praying J. Keep choosing to trust Him with all of your heart.

Choose to walk in obedience to His Word and really surrender your life to Him completely. You will have peace in the midst of the trials and tribulations of life that surpasses all of your own understanding. He will give you joy, comfort, faith, hope, grace, strength, etc. Remember…the best is yet to come…. I am really tired and exhausted but I only know God he is all I have to help. Your posts are encouraging, thanks. Thank you so much for being so transparent. I can totally relate to you and J too.

I too sometimes struggle with depression and even get thoughts of suicide but we cannot allow them to defeat us or paralyze us. We have to remember that just as we have a God who loves us…there is a devil who hates us. Who wants to seek, kill, and destroy us. John But we are more than conquerors through Christ who loves us!

So you see a huge spiritual battle is going on. Jesus wanted to give us life and that more abundantly…and satan who wants to devour us. But the good news is…we are on the winning side as Christians! The Bible says that No weapons formed against us will prosper. And we go from victory to victory with Jesus. Like I told J, this fallen world is not our forever home.

We have to keep our eyes on that which is above…storing up treasures in heaven not here on earth. Because again life here on earth is only temporary. But for Christians going to heaven…. Life here on earth for however long we live…. But also Esther remember that God is a God of miracles! He can change it ALL around in a split second!! Nothing is impossible for Him. And nothing is too hard for Him, Esther. And chances are there are tons of people going through the same trials and situations as you. I am here for you and will pray for you, okay.

Psalm for you! And what about many of us good innocent men nowadays that really wanted a good wife to settle down with? Hi Paul, I think you left another comment on a different page. People who have it truly have absolutely no desire to get married and have the family that you clearly desire to have. I prayed for 6 years and waited and waited for God to give me a husband.

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  • Taller than buildings;
  • Delay is Not Denial?

And you know what…a year and a half ago He did! He brought me my husband when I was least expecting it. On a missions trip in New York! Chances are, God has actually placed that specific desire in your heart so He can one day fulfill it. Maybe your wife is still getting prepared by God for you…or maybe God is still preparing you for her? Personally speaking…. So be encouraged. There are so many single women here at church still waiting to get married just like you. Keep praying for a wife and a family and keep trusting His perfect timing.

A brother here at church was praying and praying for a wife and a family too. And then bam! Keep focusing on serving God and walking in obedience to His Word and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm for you. I prayed and believed GOD would heal my only child.. He took him to heaven.. I know that heaven is the best answer..

But I am alone.. No future on this earth. I see HIS power.. But fail to see HIM as a loving Father. He seems cold and distant…i feel hated and despised…thrown in the dumpster if life.. With GOD just saying…next… Life gies over and over…if you are lucky.. Nothing makes any sense after the loss of an only child. My life has been hopeless.. All I hear in my heart is vengeance is mine i will re pay…and HE has.. No mercy.. I am so so sorry for your loss. My only child is my 8-year-old son and the thought of losing him is horrible!!

Pastor Greg Laurie lost his son as well. Please copy and paste these links. If you ever need someone to talk to…we have pastors and women in leadership who can meet with you or speak with you over the phone free of charge to pray with you and encourage you during this very difficult time. You can call the church office at Praying for you Deanie.

May God give you grace, hope, comfort, and peace during this time. He loves you so much and has a plan for your life. What happened to your son is horrible but praise God you will see him again in heaven. For since we believe that Jesus died and was raised to life again, we also believe that when Jesus returns, God will bring back with Him the believers who have died. We tell you this directly from the Lord: We who are still living when the Lord returns will not meet Him ahead of those who have died.

For the Lord, Himself will come down from heaven with a commanding shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet call of God. First, the believers who have died will rise from their graves. Then, together with them, we who are still alive and remain on the earth will be caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.

Then we will be with the Lord forever. So encourage each other with these words. I had unbelieving parents and these four years had been tough. I got hated by family and relatives for my faith. I prayed and there seems to be no way out. I tried to resolve this amicably but to no success.

Steve, GOD wants u to pray and stay strong in prayer, because He loves ur parents too. Through your prayer they will come to faith. These times will also pass…all times good or bad pass through. Thanks be to God in every situation so we may go strong in faith. Be loving to them, dont answer back..

Comment… as soon as I read those spiritual words it touched my emotion…. I implore ye to kindly do uphold me in prayer.. The first time was October last year,and lately last April I always pray. Trusted him. She always bring me in church for mass, and to the Christian groups for church service. But still I failed. My first board exam attempt was last october. I did my very best. Put all my effort to study early till late evening. Pray hard, and trust him. Then the exam came and a few days after the result. It was really painful for me and my mother to not see my name on the list.

We were really broken hearted. It takes a month or two for me to decide to move on and take the exams again. Everything feels fine. I now study without pressure. It was so easy to learn somethjng new, I had answered the questions which I cant answer last boards. Everything was smooth. Every time we go to church and church service the topic and the bible verse is all about faith and trust and that my time is now at the lord will answer my prayer request. So I was really motivated with the word of God.

I study hard and pray hardest. I use to relax now than my first attempt. I trust him even more than before.

Gods Delay, Is Not Gods Denial : Help for the Weary Gods Delay, Is Not Gods Denial : Help for the Weary
Gods Delay, Is Not Gods Denial : Help for the Weary Gods Delay, Is Not Gods Denial : Help for the Weary
Gods Delay, Is Not Gods Denial : Help for the Weary Gods Delay, Is Not Gods Denial : Help for the Weary
Gods Delay, Is Not Gods Denial : Help for the Weary Gods Delay, Is Not Gods Denial : Help for the Weary
Gods Delay, Is Not Gods Denial : Help for the Weary Gods Delay, Is Not Gods Denial : Help for the Weary
Gods Delay, Is Not Gods Denial : Help for the Weary Gods Delay, Is Not Gods Denial : Help for the Weary
Gods Delay, Is Not Gods Denial : Help for the Weary Gods Delay, Is Not Gods Denial : Help for the Weary
Gods Delay, Is Not Gods Denial : Help for the Weary Gods Delay, Is Not Gods Denial : Help for the Weary

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