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She was trained in the nationwide program of the Saxon Cancer Society and is now looking forward to her new responsibilities. I would like to help answer these questions and find the right contacts in our complex healthcare system. For example, I advise in the preparation for doctor's consultations, in communication with health insurance companies or help to find movement offers in the vicinity". Oncoguides can offer competent support on these and many other topics, name contact persons or provide information material.

Learn more about the program in German. To kick off the cooperation, a symposium on tumor evolution, personalized cancer medicine and immunotherapy was held at the Erika-Haus on January 9, The aim is to jointly make a sustainable contribution to improving the care of seriously ill lung cancer patients in northern Germany. Bronchial carcinoma continues to be the most common cancer and cause of death, and research has made enormous progress in recent years.

Today, in addition to radiation and chemotherapy, genome research also makes highly individual, tailor-made treatments available to patients. These possibilities are based on comprehensive molecular diagnostics, in which markers are identified that allow the targeted attacking of mutations. In addition, these findings make it possible to identify and select inhibitors in order to carry out effective immunotherapy. Martin Reck, chief physician of the oncology department at the LungenClinic Grosshansdorf. Excellent molecular pathology is a prerequisite for the precise analysis of tumor tumors.

This "decoding" of therapy-relevant genetic changes takes place in the Institute of Pathology at the UKE. This network has set itself the goal of making new therapeutic approaches available to all patients as quickly as possible. The cooperation began with a scientific symposium with an international panel of speakers. Benjamin Besse from the Institut Gustave Roussy in Paris presented the current developments in clinical research. Martin Reck and Prof.

Sonja Loges continued with the presentation of clinical research at the national level in Germany as well as of the care structures for personalized cancer medicine in the new cooperation. The initiators of the "Alliance against Lung Cancer", Prof. Klaus F. Rabe and Prof. Carsten Bokemeyer and Prof. Further information about the offers of the LungenClinic Grosshansdorf in German.

Carsten Bokemeyer, Prof. Rabe, Prof. Benjamin Besse, Prof. Charles Swanton, Prof. Sonja Loges, Prof. Martin Reck. The first prize was awarded to Dr. Malte Mohme from the Department of Neurosurgery, the second to Prof. Thorsten Frenzel from the Department of Radiation Therapy. Matthias Gruhl, introduced the festivities: "The Hamburger Krebsgesellschaft is one of the most highly respected associations in the city of Hamburg, uniting the fields of medicine, patient orientation and prevention. Through the donations and contributions of the citizens of our city, the Hamburger Krebsgesellschaft gives back so much good, so it can also significantly support research".

The figures prove him right - in , the Hamburger Krebsgesellschaft e. Uwe Koch-Gromus, warmly congratulated the prize winners: "The UKE and the Hamburger Krebsgesellschaft have been cooperating very closely for many years; there are many UKE scientists who are involved in the Hamburger Krebsgesellschaft. The Cancer Society also supports a very broad spectrum of projects, ranging from biomedical basic research to psychooncology". Successful cancer research is a joint and interdisciplinary effort - nowadays, such work can only be carried out by well-networked research groups.

Malte Mohme, assistant physician in further education at the Department of Neurosurgery and at the same time researcher in the laboratory of Prof. Katrin Lamszus, received the 1st prize of 5, euros for his work on the understanding of immunological mechanisms in glioblastomas. The second prize, each worth 2, euros, was shared by Prof. Mascha Binder, who has been head of the Department of Haematology and Oncology at the University Hospital Halle Saale since October , for her work on antibody therapy in head and neck tumours, and Dr.

Thorsten Frenzel from the Department of Radiotherapy and Radiooncology, who used the mouse model to investigate the influence of radiation therapy of a local tumour on metastasis. The Hamburger Krebsgesellschaft e.

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A scholarship programme supports young scientists. Ulrich Kleeberg, Prof. Thorsten Frenzel, Prof. Mascha Binder, Dr.

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Malte Mohme, Prof. Uwe Koch-Gromus, Dr. Matthias Gruhl. The last weekend in November was all about palliative medicine. While on Friday patients and relatives came together for a patient day at the Hamburg Cancer Society, the experts on Saturday continued with educating themselves at the Interdisciplinary Pain and Palliative Day at the UKE. The patient afternoon, which was jointly organized by the Hamburg Cancer Society and the endowed Chair for Palliative Medicine at the UCCH, was dedicated to some of the most urgent topics with which patients and their relatives are frequently confronted in advanced cancer - the biology of cancer, the side effects of therapies, pain, nausea and breathlessness, but also fears of what can come as the disease progresses.

The participants listened with great interest and made intensive use of the opportunity to talk to the experts and other affected persons. Also the following ceremonial lecture of Professor von Engelhardt on the topic was very well visited and a complete success. On Saturday about 80 specialized experts from different occupational groups gathered, in order to inform themselves in interdisciplinary round about the newest findings surrounding the topics palliative care and pain medicine and to exchange about own experiences gathered from practice.

As in the previous year, the Palliative Medicine at UCCH as well as the Clinic and Polyclinic for Anesthesiology invited to a mix of lectures and interactive workshops. Karin Oechsle, since last year holder of the endowed Chair for Palliative Medicine with focus on research on relatives, was satisfied and stated: "The interdisciplinary exchange that this event offers is extremely enriching for our daily work — it gives the opportunity to discuss experiences from everyday practice intensively and to reflect them together with colleagues".

For the first time, three Hubertus Wald prizes for young scientists were awarded - Fabian Freisleben, Dr. The newly created poster prize went to Dr. In addition, 7 research fellowships were made possible for the coming year. Two of the renowned Hubertus Wald prizes for young scientists went to scientists from the AG Fiedler, who dealt with acute myeloid leukaemia Fabian Freisleben and bone marrow tissue Dr.

Lena Behrmann. Both prize winners are assistant doctors in the II. Medical Clinic and Polyclinic and work as scientists in Prof. Walter Fiedler's research group. Tabea Sturmheit from the AG of Priv.

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Andreas Block and Research Scientist at 2cureX had conducted research on the compilation of individual tumour assays in connection with the tissue extraction of liver metastases. The prize is awarded in appreciation of the outstanding achievements and in support of further work. Due to the many submissions, a poster prize was awarded for the first time.

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Numerous congratulators appeared for the awarding of the prizes and thus paid respect to the scientists for their research activities. In addition, the UCCH research fellowships for were awarded at the award ceremony — more than ever before. Franziska Brauneck Sending department: II. Medical clinic and polyclinic Guest laboratory: I. Jochim Reinert Sending department: II. Located in the immediate vicinity, the Facharztklinik Hamburg now moves even closer to the UKE in its day-to-day business. Particularly in the field of cancer diagnostics and therapy, intensive cooperation will take place in the future.

The cooperation focuses on the care of breast cancer patients. It will enable even better networking of consulting services and participation in the UCCH Tumor Board through an intensified and faster exchange between the experts of both clinics. In addition, the experts from the Facharztklinik will also be involved in the joint development of treatment guidelines at the UCCH.

Carsten Bokemeyer, Director of the UCCH, is pleased that two further hospital partners, the Facharztklinik Hamburg and the Regio Klinik Wedel, have joined the network within a short period of time: "This shows that the network is a real benefit for patients and partners alike and that this is also perceived from the outside. I am therefore very pleased that more clinics and practices are continuously joining the network and in return contribute their expertise to it. How does cancer develop, who can get it and what can doctors and I do to prevent cancer?

After Prof. Blankenberg from the University Heart Centre opened the event series at the beginning of the month, the UKE Health Academy last Monday devoted itself entirely to the topic of cancer. Carsten Bokemeyer, Director of the UCCH, used his key note in the very well attended Ian Karan lecture hall to inform visitors about current findings on the development and treatment of cancer. The lecture focused on why, despite improved survival rates, more and more people are suffering from the various types of cancer - a development that, according to Prof.

Bokemeyer, can be answered on the one hand with our increased life expectancy, but also with simple statistics. Nevertheless, science has also made significant progress in recent years, which already benefits many patients in practice and helps them to significantly improve their chances of survival. In addition, visitors were able to find out what they could do to prevent cancer from developing in the first place at the "Market of Health" information and participation stations.

The UCCH was also represented with its experts on topics such as sport and exercise, nutrition and prevention. In addition to answering questions and providing practical tips for everyday life, visitors also took the opportunity to test their knowledge as part of a nutrition quiz and demonstrate their fitness under expert guidance in the exercise room. A first UKE-wide task force has now discussed opportunities and possibilities.

The data that is generated both at the HKR and the KKR is regularly published in reports without a specific research question. Concurrently the registries provide the data for special scientific questions and oncological care research projects that are pursued externally. Therefore the data is suitable for answering concrete research questions and for estimating the extent to which the study collective permits a generalizable statement for the respective oncological patients.

Higher-level research projects and long-term research strategies are also among the many possibilities for cooperation between science and registries. From a clinical point of view, entity specific questions on therapy, adherence to guidelines or participation in studies are interesting and can be implemented within the framework of projects or doctoral theses. Contact information HKR: Dr. Hentschel bgv. Mascha Binder becomes first female ordinaria for haematology and oncology.

This makes her the first female ordinaria for haematology and oncology in Germany. In the clinical area, she focused on the treatment of multiple myelomas, CLL and cerebral lymphomas. The honour of being able to take on this responsible new task is the consistent continuation of an already remarkable career as a physician and scientist, which has been significantly supported by the Second Medical Clinic.

Binder, is also pleased with this great scientific recognition and sees it as confirmation of the efforts made within his department: "We made it our task at a very early stage to actively support outstanding female doctors and researchers in our ranks within the framework of a special women's advancement programme. The fact that Prof. Binder, who has had a particular influence on research at the UCCH, is now receiving this recognition makes us particularly happy against this background and also strengthens us in our work".

This year we have achieved a record number of awards and scholarships, we even had to reject lecture requests, because otherwise the time frame would have been exceeded," said Prof. The prizes will be awarded during a ceremony at the beginning of November. Some of our now established scientists gave their first English talks here and used the framework to rehearse their appearances at scientific congresses," sums up Prof.

The UCCH network continues to grow - with the addition of the Regio Kliniken Elmshorn, Pinneberg and Wedel, our network gains another strong partner and welcomes the seventeenth clinical partner in our ranks. Around 90, patients are treated annually at the Elmshorn, Pinneberg and Wedel sites. Future cooperation will focus on the exchange of scientific studies and the care of patients with complex cancers as well as the joint further development of patient pathways.

Carsten Bokemeyer, Director of the UCCH, welcomes the new addition to the network and states: "The fact that we can once again welcome a strong partner in our ranks shows how important intensive professional exchange is in the modern treatment of the most complex cancers. Accordingly, I am very pleased that the network has been able to gain further expertise with this cooperation. The newly founded Skin Tumor Center at the UCCH invited all patients, relatives and interested parties to its first information day on Wednesday, 29 August, on the topic "Detecting, avoiding and treating skin cancer".

The experts from the Skin Tumor Center used the first information day organised by them not only to present themselves and the center to the public, but also to give interested parties an in-depth insight into the subject of skin cancer. Accordingly, the lectures presented the latest findings from research on the numerous manifestations of skin cancer. The self-help group Hautkrebsnetzwerk Deutschland e. On site, the opportunity was taken to set up a regional self-help group, which will cooperate closely with the Skin Cancer Center in the future. In addition, the visitors could inform themselves about prevention possibilities and ask their own questions to the experts at the information stands.

The program was rounded off with the possibility of getting to know the skin clinic better during a guided tour. In order to counter the impending shortage of scientific specialists in oncology, the German Cancer Aid launched the funding programme to strengthen young scientists a year ago. The research excellence of the UKE has played an important role here", says Prof. Koch-Gromus is co-applicant of the concept developed by clinicians and scientists at the Hubertus Wald Tumorzentrum - University Cancer Center Hamburg UCCH to establish a junior research center in the field of tumor dissemination and metastasis.

In addition, the focus is on expanding the research infrastructure, setting up research grants and establishing mentoring programmes and career exchanges. About interested doctors were present at the 2nd Eppendorf Dermatology Symposium when the foundation of the new Skin Tumor Center was announced by the management team. Christoffer Gebhardt. He is represented by Dr. Janina Staub and Thomas Haalck. Nina Booken is responsible for cutaneous lymphomas. The new Skin Tumor Center bundles the disciplines that make a modern therapy of all forms of skin tumors possible for our patients.

We are primarily targeting high-risk patients in order to support the therapy especially in metastasis through clinical research and studies," says Prof. Gebhardt, the new head of the Skin Tumor Center. Gebhardt's team in order to be a reliable contact for dermatooncological questions with the Skin Tumor Center," adds Prof. Bokemeyer, Director of the UCCH, welcomes the development: "With the new Skin Tumor Center, our top oncological center in the UKE is gaining another important member among the organ cancer centers, which is already very actively involved in all our patient care and scientific research topics.

We are already actively working on the foundations for obtaining certification by the German Cancer Society in the next cycle in ". The consultation hours and further information, e. Photo from left : PD Dr. Nina Booken, Dr. Janina Staub, Prof. Schneider, Thomas Haalck, Prof. Bokemeyer, Prof. Despite many bad weather warnings: The weather held and also sent the sun in the afternoon. The aim of the funded project is to significantly improve the quality of life of cancer patients.

The regatta began with the most important highlight, the patient race. Three boats from Hamburg participated. All patients had previously taken part in the year-round rowing training for cancer patients, which has now been on offer for a year. The "Alsterchaoten" won with a remarkable performance, closely followed by the "Schlawiner".

Another highlight of the day was the special race "Olympic Winner" against the "Medics". Andrea Morgner-Miehlke, Prof. Kai Rothkamm and Priv. Alexander Stein had to admit defeat against the double Olympic gold medal winner. They could book the revenge for themselves this year. The proud winners also finished 6th overall in the entry-level final. This time the teams "Ermel hoch" beginner and "Klabautermann" expert qualified for gold in the beginner and expert races. The "Martini" team 6th place experts from the UKE was also represented until the final.

On the 25th and 26th of May this year, the time had come again: Due to multiple requests from clinicians and sponsors, the UCCH held its 4th Onco-Workshop this year. A comprehensive program of lectures, courses and opportunities to expand their own network awaited the numerous participants. In addition to the basic course according to AMG offered again after , one of the highlights this year was the key note on "Big Data in Clinical Research". Due to increasingly complex study designs and highly individualized therapy approaches, this topic is becoming increasingly important in clinical research.

In addition to the extensive scientific presentations of the respective UKE experts, Friday also offered the participants the opportunity to present their own study projects in an interdisciplinary environment and to enter into an in-depth discussion in the newly established Onco-Lounge.

The profitable workshop days were rounded off by a dinner followed by a get-together where all participants once again had the opportunity to talk to colleagues and experts. The UKE scientist receives the 10, Euro prize for his international commitment to the treatment of testicular carcinoma in young men. He was also awarded for his commitment to the further training of oncologists at European level and the further development of medical oncology in Germany.

On 25 May, Prof. Germ cell tumors in men are rare cancers. In Germany there are about 4, new cases per year. The treatment of patients with advanced germ cell walls has made considerable progress in recent years. Today, 80 to 90 percent of all patients with metastatic disease can be cured because they react extremely well to chemotherapy.

Current research focuses on how high cure rates are achieved with few therapy side effects and why some patients are still resistant to the therapy and cannot be cured. Our goal is to further improve the prognosis of patients and to learn from it for other diseases and novel therapeutic approaches," says Prof. Carsten Bokemeyer. His research group has conducted numerous multicenter clinical studies and a variety of basic research on resistance in germ cell tumors. For many years the group has also been intensively involved in the investigation and treatment of long-term consequences of therapy in cured patients within the framework of so-called survivorship programs.

The II. The UKE Medical Clinic is one of the national reference centers for the treatment of patients with advanced germ cell tumors of the testicles and is therefore recognized in the network of German cancer centers and the European centers for rare cancers. The Wilhelm Warner Prize is awarded every year to renowned scientists in the field of cancer research.

The Wilhelm Warner Foundation was founded in in Hamburg with the aim of promoting cancer research by awarding the Wilhelm Warner Prize annually to renowned scientists. Leukemia also known as "blood cancer" is a disease of the hematopoietic system. Depending on which immature blood cells are affected by uncontrolled cell growth, they are called myeloid erythrocytes, granulocytes, monocytes or lymphatic leukemia lymphocytes. Both leukemias can occur in different forms - on the one hand in the acute form, which occurs suddenly and can lead to death within a few weeks, and on the other hand in the chronic form, which shows a slower course of the disease.

During the conference in Hamburg it was possible to continue working together on new therapy concepts and study developments. Ganser from the Hanover Medical School - have decided to hold the study meeting here in Hamburg this year," said Prof. In the integrated model study programme Medicine Hamburg iMED , the theoretical basic subjects are networked with clinical practice and current research right from the start. Students can choose their field of interest early on from 15 compulsory elective modules, the so-called second tracks.

It is important to us to introduce the students to the topic and to provide insights from many different perspectives," says Prof. During the two-week elective courses for approx. The quality of our detailed offer can only be made possible by a well-functioning network such as the UCCH," says Prof. The figures confirm the success of the demanding oncology elective program: The 40 available places, which will be offered from the 5th semester for specialization in oncology in another 5 modules plus student research project, are always very popular and quickly allocated.

This concept of the reform study course is trend-setting for further structural planning of other medical study courses in Germany. Participation is free of charge, regardless of whether you would like to present a scientific presentation during your participation. Registration: On the website www. In addition, you will find information on how to apply for the UCCH Research Fellowship for assistant physicians interested in research and on the award of the Hubertus Wald Young Investigators Award for oncological research.

Contact person: Dr. The renowned Hamburg based cancer scientist Prof. This congress is the world's largest meeting of cancer researchers with over 22, participants from all over the world. Pantel coined the term "Liquid Biopsy" eight years ago and not only presented his groundbreaking work in the field of circulating tumour cells and circulating cell-free tumour DNA, but also pointed out the relevant translational results he has achieved in consortia, partly led by the University Cancer Center Hamburg, on patient cohorts.

Pantel: "The survival of circulating tumour cells in the blood is an important indicator of metastatic progression in cancer patients and the analysis of these cells and their products provides clinically important information for a more targeted, individual risk assessment and cancer therapy. Research into mechanisms of metastasis and how they can be influenced is part of the translational vision of the University Cancer Center Hamburg, with which the center aims to significantly advance the treatment results for cancer patients over the next ten years.

Bokemeyer, Director of the University Cancer Center: "Cancer patients usually die from the metastases of the disease, therefore it is logical to bundle and apply all scientific findings here in order to better understand the metastasis process first and then actively combat it! The funds received will enable the analyzation of relevant epidemiological studies on the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

This money allows UCCH staff to analyze relevant epidemiological studies around the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. The findings will in turn form the basis for future prevention efforts," said Professor Chang-Claude, who will use the corresponding means for her investigations in a targeted manner. The winners have learned new things about which foods and preparations are especially recommended for cancer patients. Fresh herbs and spices have a variety of flavours, which means we can almost refrain from the use of salt. A lively discussion arose from the many questions.

Counselling on nutrition topics in the context of the life after cancer consultation hours is open to all cancer patients. All cancer patients can now register for the new free course units under the motto "Making life sound". Music therapy opens up the possibility of perceiving and expressing oneself in a holistic way with the help of music. Experiencing the different facets of music, searching for and finding harmonious sounds and playing styles can lead to a better self-understanding.

This creates creative moments that open up new scope and perspectives. Further information on music therapy services. Interdisciplinary cooperation between surgery, endocrinology, gastroenterology, nuclear medicine, oncology, pathology and radiology has led to continuous improvements in the treatment of patients with this rare tumor disease. Under the direction of Dr. Medical Clinic and Prof. Jakob R. The UKE is the only center of excellence for this rare tumor disease in northern Germany. With almost 12, experts, a new attendance record was set at the German Cancer Congress, which takes place every two years in Berlin.

Oncologists, radiotherapists, surgeons and psychosocial doctors from the UCCH gave numerous lectures and led symposia. On Friday afternoon there was still time for a group photo and interdisciplinary knowledge exchange. The annual New Year's reception for the representatives of the more than 20 patient support groups cooperating with the UCCH has become an established and well-received tradition. Also this year many participants accepted the invitation. New approaches and projects for the coming year were discussed in a lively exchange. Collaboration with the patient support groups is a central component of the patient-oriented work - for example, the first edition of the "Giving Help Together" patient support groups brochure was recently presented, which presents all information on self-help in the UCCH.

Further information on the UCCH patient support groups. On February 1, patients, relatives and other interested parties were able to find out more about important topics in cancer medicine at the Erika House. The visitors experienced a varied programme of lectures, round-table discussions and information stands, which represented the wide range of the UCCH network.

Lectures on personalized cancer medicine, therapy-accompanying possibilities such as complementary medicine, psycho-oncology, sports and nutrition as well as on the cornerstones of good doctor-patient communication were on the agenda. In addition, experts from many disciplines were available to answer personal questions about the visitors own illness. The lucky winners were also happy about the successful participation in the cooking course raffle. Exceptional photos on the topic of familial breast and ovarian cancer can be seen from 17 January to 16 February at the Centre for Family Breast and Ovarian Cancer O24, Centre for Oncology.

The photographs of 17 women, taken from the book "Ansichtssache. Knowledge and decisions in familial breast and ovarian cancer" impressively show the handling with the diagnosis or knowledge of the risk of a disease. The exhibition will be opened on Wednesday, January 17, at 7. Every year, 75, women in Germany suffer from breast cancer and 8, women from ovarian cancer.

Up to one-fifth of those affected have a genetic modification, for example, in the so-called BRCA genes breast cancer , which can also be passed on to their children. In these families, cancer is therefore much more common and often occurs at a very early age. You can find further information about the work of the founded association BRCA-Network - Help with familial breast and ovarian cancer on the web at www. Further information about the event in German. The quartet also performs chamber music by Mozart and Brahms.

Further information on the benefit event in German. Sonja Loges in cooperation with the Institute of Pathology, Prof. Sauter and Priv. Ronald Simon. The aim of the network is to offer comprehensive and high-quality molecular diagnostics for all patients with non-resectable, malignant lung cancer and thus promote the implementation of personalized therapy in routine clinical care. The network is the largest European platform for molecular diagnostics.

Hubertus Wald Prize for Oncology awarded to prostate cancer researcher Prof. His long-standing commitment and outstanding achievements in the field of prostate cancer research were honored with this award. Simon A. Medical clinic, Dr. Joanna C. Bartels, Clinic for Otorhinolaryngology and Dr. Franziska Modemann, II. Medical clinic. Read the press release in German.

More than 1, program items and several 1, visitors - the Night of Sciences on 4 November in Hamburg once again showed the impressive range of the science location Hamburg. Every two years, scientific institutions located in Hamburg present themselves and try to make their topics and works understandable in a playful way. The UCCH also took part in the seven-hour long event with a large number of specialist disciplines. Numerous visitors of all ages learned about cancer diseases such as breast, skin and prostate cancer.

In the children's rally, the children learned how to prevent cancer in general and enjoyed playing the specially developed UCCH prevention online memory. The guided tours offered in the field of radiotherapy were used extensively, as was the laboratory of the II. Medical Clinic and Polyclinic for Hematology and Oncology. Further information on the event Night of Knowledge On the last weekend in October, a large number of interested practitioners gathered again to exchange information on current topics concerning palliative care and pain medicine in a multi-professional way.

In the lectures and numerous workshops, new findings and treatment options for pain therapy and palliative care were presented and discussed. All in all, all participants were very satisfied with the exciting lectures, lively discussions and, above all, practical insights and experiences from the workshops. Julia Quidde receives one of the Young Investigators' Awards for her work on quality of life in colon cancer patients.

Doctors and scientists under 35 years of age had the opportunity to apply for the Young Investigators' Award by submitting an abstract. The works of the young scientists, that received the highest ratings from the reviewers, were selected for the prize. The works come with prize money of 1, euros each. In their opening speeches, Prof. Koch-Gromus underlined the important position of the cancer center in the UKE, which is now united under one roof. Bokemeyer then presented the most important milestone events of last year to the nearly 60 cooperation partners from practice, clinic and research as well as patient support groups.

All previous consultation hours and therapy-accompanying offers of the central entry port for patients and relatives continue to run in the new rooms as usual. Over 70 scientists and physicians met last weekend for 2 days to discuss their current cancer research projects, studies and publications. Carsten Bokemeyer opened the event and pointed out the successful proposals and networking efforts in UCCH research.

For me, the retreat was very impressive with many motivated scientists who presented high quality results. More than 40 lectures from more than 11 research fields show the active scientific activity in UCCH," says Prof. Such a vibrant network is the basis for successful research at the UCCH. The special feature of the retreat: "Every year, we honour the efforts of young researchers with an annual award for the promotion of young researchers in oncological research. The award winners as well as the award of research fellowships is chosen jointly by election," says Prof. The prize winners for the young talent awards as well as the scholarship holders will be honoured at the upcoming Hubertus Wald Award Ceremony at the beginning of November.

A total of beds are available for the young patients in bright and light rooms. The Kinder-UKE focuses on rare, complex and unexplained diseases. Main areas of treatment are cancer, severe neurological and rare congenital diseases, metabolic diseases as well as liver, kidney and bone marrow transplants.

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It also houses the only oncological day clinic in the Hamburg metropolitan region. The diagnosis and treatment of children and adolescents with cancer or blood diseases is thus even more closely linked to the special fields involved", says Prof. The move into the new building will begin on September 21st with ongoing operations, and all functional areas will be fully equipped from September 29th. A total of employees will work in the Kinder-UKE. This will support her research in the coming five years with a total of 1. Only in Prof. UKE researchers have received 14 of these coveted awards over the past years.

This underlines the markedly increased international competitiveness of the UKE. I am very delighted for Prof. Loges", says Prof.

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The aim of the new research project of Prof. Loges is to use immunotherapeutic approaches to combat tumor cells that have remained in the bone marrow after treatment. In patients with initially curable cancer, the mortality rate is doubled when malignant cells remain in the bone marrow", explains the scientist.

The reason why the human immune system does not recognize and eliminate the malignant cells remains an unsolved problem. Loges and her team now want to analyze the interplay of bone marrow cells and immune cells to develop therapeutic strategies that enable the immune system to successfully fight the remaining cancer cells.

Loges has recently proven how successful she can be in the field of therapy development: With her team, she has developed an inhibitor for the treatment of advanced acute myelogenous leukemia AML , which is now being tested for efficacy in an international clinical trial conducted by her. The promotion of fundamental pioneering research is one of the main focuses of the European Union. ERC Grants are part of the EU's "Horizon " framework program, which funds both the fundamental research and application-oriented research fields.

The total funding volume for the program, launched in , is around 70 billion euros by The objectives of the program are the further development of palliative medicine according to the national guidelines, the promotion of research with special research fellowships and the palliative medical training of oncologists and other specialists. The recognition by the ESMO is a very gratifying result of the daily outstanding work of the entire multiprofessional palliative medicine team, as well as the good networking and collaboration with the oncological structures in the UCCH.

The participation in the ESMO program will enable us to carry out network collaboration on a European level, which will provide important impulses for the care of oncological patients in the UCCH and the further development of palliative medicine in Hamburg, "says Prof. Passive smokers, like smokers, have an increased risk of developing lung cancer. However, the number of deaths from lung cancer attributable to passive smoking has declined over the past 20 years despite a generally aging population. Heiko Becher, with the then current figures on this subject.

The researchers assume that the decline is due to the increased protection of non-smokers since then. In , some 47, people have died of lung cancer. Among them were about 41, smokers and thus about 6, non-smokers. Based on these figures, the scientists have calculated that 7. This figure fell significantly compared to — at that time it was Despite the aging population and a consequent increase in the total number of deaths of cancer, this means that significantly fewer deaths from lung cancer caused by passive smoking are registered than 20 years ago.

In , a quarter of non-smoking women and about 40 per cent of non-smoking men were exposed to passive smoking. In , when a risk assessment of passive smoking was last carried out in Germany, about 60 per cent of men and 70 per cent of women were exposed to passive smoke, i. More information about the Institute of Medical Biometry and Epidemiology. The goal is to raise public awareness for the risk factors of head and neck carcinomas and to provide information on possible therapeutic options. The Head and Neck Cancer Center of the UCCH also participated again this year with a patient day for interested visitors and patients and thus supported the worldwide efforts to focus on information and exchange on this topic.

Numerous attendees followed the invitation and took the opportunity to inform themselves in short presentations, to explore the organ model of the oral cavity or to seek contact with self-help groups and medical experts. The consultation offers for caring relatives and opportunities in palliative care were also used. In addition, the UCCH presented further offers such as complementary medicine counseling or the sports and exercise program for cancer patients, organized by the central entry port of the UCCH.

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The aim of the funded project is to significantly improve the quality of life for cancer patients. In the end, the UCCH directors were "beaten" and took the silver medal in good spirits. The boats drove under great applause and close to each other over the finish line. Also included were two boast with the patients from Hamburg, who were able to prepare for the competition for the first time during the new rowing training, which is organized by the RG Hansa see news from March This time, the teams "MS Oh-nassis" beginners and "Braatzhammer" experts qualified for gold in the beginners' and expert races.

The fantastic summer weather made the previous G20 riot forget. Carsten Bokemeyer said: "We want to set a sign with this event. This is Hamburg, the community spirit for the benefit of our patients — riots have no place in our city. The magazine will be published quarterly. Press release in German. UKE receives endowed professorship for palliative medicine made possible by the Hamburg Cancer Society. The head of palliative care at the UKE, Prof. Karin Oechsle, will be appointed to the new endowed professorship for palliative medicine with a research focus on relatives of cancer patients.

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It is financed by the Hamburg Cancer Society with one million euros over a period of five years. The overall goal is to accelerate research in the field of immunoncology. The initiative is strongly supported by the company Bristol-Myers Squibb. In the treatment of cancer patients, immuno-therapeutic therapy approaches, which use the body's immune system for the defense of cancer, are currently used mainly in advanced stages. Hereby the capabilities of immunoncological treatment concepts for cancer patients are to be enhanced in the future. GECI has a particular focus on promoting academic research and networking at university oncological centers of excellence.

The newly launched study concepts for patients with head and neck tumors and with gastric carcinomas, which are currently being launched within the framework of a cooperation in Hamburg, are already geared towards the further development of immunotherapy in combination with chemotherapy and targeted therapy and irradiation. More than participants came to the Prostate Cancer Summit, which was hosted for the second time by the Martini Clinic at June 8th - 10th, here in Hamburg. The program focused on the most important topics in the treatment of prostate cancer, such as PSA screening, biomarkers, and the active monitoring and treatment of advanced prostate cancer.

The scientific high-caliber lectures in the various sessions were presented by international experts, among others, from the USA, Australia, Canada and Sweden. More information regarding the summit. More than 30, oncologists met in Chicago at the beginning of June to discuss the current state of research, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Important topics were the latest findings in cancer prevention, immuno-oncology and personalized cancer medicine. The UCCH was represented at the scientific level with numerous lectures, posters and abstracts. For example, Prof. This is an important aspect for an oncological center of excellence of the German Cancer Aid", says Prof. Medical colleagues, who were unable to travel to the ASCO Congress themselves, can get information about the latest results of the congress at various events.

Calendar of events for physicians. On June 1st, patients, relatives and others interested were invited to a special patient day at the Hamburg Cancer Society. On the occasion of the "German Cancer Survivors Day", proclaimed by the German Cancer Foundation, awareness shall be raised annually for the situation of people who have been cured of cancer or live with a chronic cancer disease.

The crowd was so big that many were not able to get a spot to participate.

The odds have never been so high to survive a cancer disease for a long time or be completely cured of it. For example, more than 3. But with the successful completion of a cancer therapy, many people are not as healthy as they once were before the illness. Many long-term survivors continue to suffer from physical, mental and social consequences for a long time. These are dependent on the original cancer disease and its individual course as well as on the treatment and the side effects that came with it.

Cancer survivors often suffer from fatigue, pain, sleep disorders, anxiety and worry, cognitive impairment and polyneuropathy. But also the handling of physical changes and limitations by e. Not to mention the financial difficulties in which many former cancer patients find themselves due to long breaks from work or even permanent occupational disability. Discover the survivorship program of the UCCH. More information at the Hamburg Cancer Society in German. The oncologists from Egypt participated in the annual course for colorectal carcinomas, which was this year for the first time extended by ovarian carcinomas.

Under the direction of Prof. Dirk Arnold and Prof. Barbara Schmalfeldt, the oncologists were informed about various aspects of medicine and research of colorectal and ovarian carcinomas. It was only last year that the palliative station at the UKE celebrated its 5th anniversary. Thanks to Prof. How palliative medicine can be implemented as an integral part of the care of incurably diseased oncological patients and their relatives at an early stage is being discussed more and more in recent years.

Nevertheless, many questions have not yet been clarified in this context. Within the framework of the 4th Symposium on Palliative Medicine, these questions were looked at from a multiprofessional viewpoint in lectures and were actively discussed. Particular attention was given to the perspective of nurses, psychological aspects and the specific questions in the integrated oncological and palliative outpatient care.

Since the German Cancer Aid established the first hospice in Cologne in , it has now invested around EUR 70 million in the structure of palliative care in Germany. The CCC network, founded by the German Cancer Aid, and in particular the palliative medicine working group, is commissioned to strengthen these structures and to define and implement treatment concepts in collaboration with all parties involved. Since the founding of the palliative medicine working group, major steps have already been taken. For example, a guide with empirically collected best practice recommendations on the integration of palliative medicine into the care of oncological patients at German CCCs will be published shortly.

More Information can be found on the website of the German Cancer Aid in german. Fund for innovation supports after-care program for young cancer patients with 3. The abbreviation CAYA stands for children, adolescents and young adults. In the next two years, a federal consortium of 14 locations, headed by the UKE, is to be formed with help of the funding. The goal of the consortium is to improve the networking of studies and treatment options for the benefit of young patients. Specifically, multi-professional and interdisciplinary teams of sports therapists, nutritional counselors and psycho oncologists are to be formed at the 14 locations throughout Germany, which together develop an individual prevention concept for cancer patients between 15 and 39 years of age.

The concept will include the topics nutrition and sports as well as psychosocial aspects to supplement the medical aftercare by hematologists and oncologists of pediatrics and adult medicine. It is therefore about the integrative prevention of long-term effects after a survived cancer disease at a young age.

The close co-operation and concrete agreement between all departments is thereby indispensable. Thanks to progress in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer diseases, the number of cancer survivors of all age groups is steadily increasing and is currently estimated at 2. A special group includes the patients between 15 and 39, that survived cancer in childhood, youth and as young adults.

The survival rates in this group of patients have also risen significantly in recent decades as a result of improved treatment options for cancer patients, so that the group of cancer survivors between 15 and 39 years is also continuously growing. This development increases the risk of long-term consequences, which can also occur decades after the therapy. Patients between the ages of 15 and 39 are particularly affected. Two-thirds of these patients develop follow-up diseases caused by the cancer therapy.

These can include physical problems e. They also have a significantly increased risk of suffering another cancer disease. As a rule, the patient is usually treated with a tumor aftercare, which is usually only performed by a doctor. After another successful and extensive review by an international expert group, the UCCH was once again recognized as an oncological center of excellence by the German Cancer Aid in July last year. The now third funding period starts on April 1st At the same time, the UCCH has reoriented itself in the management structure in order to be able to tackle the many diverse future tasks even more effectively.

As deputy directors, the following are responsible for specific tasks:. For as long as seven years now, the broad-based athletes and cancer patients have been training and rowing together for a good cause. This program is this year being expanded on the initiative of the foundation "Leben mit Krebs" with a year-long rowing training for cancer patients. Patients have the opportunity to take part in rowing training all year round with others, and to integrate into a rowing community.

The training units are guided by experienced trainers. Carsten Bokemeyer, UCCH Director and Spokesman, says: "The goal of these exercise and training programs is to improve the physical performance of patients and to reduce symptoms such as fatigue or pain. A large number of oncological patients have already accepted our sports programs with great enthusiasm, thanks to the extraordinary commitment of the foundation "Leben mit Krebs".

This is only because of the great joint commitment of all our members. The Krankenhaus Reinbek St. In addition, the St. Adolf-Stift Reinbek is an academic teaching hospital of the University of Hamburg. In the course of the focus area creation, the management composed of Prof. Important components in the cooperation are the joint development of treatment routes, the exchange concerning scientific studies and the care of patients with rare or complex cancer diseases.

Carsten Bokemeyer says: "A further clinical cooperation partner strengthens the UCCH network — we would like to welcome the Reinbek hospital cordially and look forward to a productive, interdisciplinary cooperation in the care of our common patients. More information regarding the Reinbek hospital can be found here in german. Testicular tumors are the most common malignant disease in young men.

However, they can also be recognized very early in the process and can be cured in a large proportion of patients even in a very advanced disease situation. On the occasion of the testicular cancer action week of the German Society for Urology, the UKE team invited to a network meeting. Patients and relatives were able to find out about the most important news. In addition the further interdisciplinary collaboration of the urogenital focus area, within the new funding period of the oncological center, was defined.

The UKE has been offering an interdisciplinary consultation for patients with testicular tumors for more than ten years, in which oncologists and urologists jointly diagnose and plan the therapy — a unique model in Germany. In addition, the UCCH is a second assessment center for diseases in early stages www. The two hospitals on the North Sea coast of Schleswig-Holstein with their beds are considered to be one of the most important health centers in Schleswig-Holstein.

Joint objectives of the cooperation agreement are the cooperation in the definition of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, the possibility of shared tumor boards and the exchange in the development of clinical studies. Together we can now jointly pursue our goals to optimize the patient's clinical care. Already at the beginning the participants noticed the fresh smell of many herbs.

Because the fresh herbs and spices have such an intensive aroma, we can almost cook without salt. The results of the cooking class were shared in a convivial gathering afterwards and the participants could gather more information on different aspects of nutrition. Further information on the survivorship counseling program. She is the patronage of the Friends Circle of the Outpatient Clinic for Psycho-Oncology and is actively involved in the charity events of the friends circle. Later, when she was asked by his wife Beate Lause, if she likes to support the outpatient clinic for psycho-oncology, she enjoyed helping.

Getting Hannelore Hoger as the patronage for the friends circle is a stroke of luck. This could be seen at her impressive and thrilling performance at the Erika Haus. The reading was accompanied by the harpist Mariana Paccagnelle, who played a song from Marco Antonio Sumann from her hometown, and the choir of the friends circle. In the outpatient clinic for psycho-oncology cancer patients and their relatives will get support in difficult times by an interdisciplinary team consisting of psychologists, physicians and therapists.

They help in coping the stressing and side effects rich therapy, give handy daily help and offer a wide range of complementary treatments. Already after a few weeks the event and all workshops were fully booked out. In four different workshops participants could exchanges their views on family and cancer in small groups and in the afternoon there was a program including keynotes and speeches about the outpatient routine work and scientific research.

Georgia Schilling, managing director of the Hamburger Krebsgesellschaft. The conference shall take place annually with different focusses and demonstrates the broad cooperation within the network of the University Cancer Center Hamburg. The Hans-Dietrich Herrmann Lecture for Neuro-Oncology has got a different ankle each year, where topics are chosen in a rotating system from the three major scientific areas: oncology, neuro-surgery and basis research.

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Ukulele Portraits (German Edition) Ukulele Portraits (German Edition)
Ukulele Portraits (German Edition) Ukulele Portraits (German Edition)
Ukulele Portraits (German Edition) Ukulele Portraits (German Edition)
Ukulele Portraits (German Edition) Ukulele Portraits (German Edition)
Ukulele Portraits (German Edition) Ukulele Portraits (German Edition)
Ukulele Portraits (German Edition) Ukulele Portraits (German Edition)

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