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Callers heard a breathy snippet from the novel, and the pitch, "The most erogenous zone may be" -- dramatic pause -- "the human ear. Baker said he would not mind if readers picked up the book in search of a sizzling read. Rather, he said: "I'm worried that people will see this as safe sex, a novel for the 90's. I think that the telephone has always been sexually charged, and that this book is a response to the technological innovation of these chat lines, as opposed to an epidemiological disaster like AIDS. Party lines have always been interesting, but the idea that you could pay to have access to them, that's brand new, and all sorts of social forms are evolving as a result.

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My head whipped around, my eyes found the screen. Louise and Robin on a bed that was almost identical to the one behind me, both naked and shaking their tits at the camera. I wanted to turn it off. To snap the disc into a million pieces and mail it back to the shit stirrers who had sent it.

I watched her plump lips wrap around a rosy bud, sucking, licking, baring her teeth and stretching it until Robin spasmed. Dane was silent behind me, and I wondered how this made him feel. Watching the two of them touching each other, seeing how they moved, and how they sounded. Did it turn him on? Of course it did, how could it not? Both women were stunning, there was no escaping that. We met freshman year and got along with each other right away.

We had a couple classes together and found ourselves hanging out a lot. One day we were talking and she just groaned and announced that she needed to get laid. I laughed and asked her about her boyfriend who went to another school a couple hours away. She said that she needed something closer and ASAP! Then she looked at me and simply asked if I ate pussy. This was in the student center, by the way.

Needless to say, we were back in her room 10 minutes later. We became roommates sophomore year, and our room became the nudist room fairly quickly. Everyone was welcome, but everyone had to get naked. And group sex was very common in that room. One day, just before Thanksgiving, I was in our room studying with a guy named Brad. Samantha was in class for a couple hours, so Brad and I started fooling around.

About the time that my shirt and bra were off, and Brad was sitting on the bed with his cock in my mouth, I heard the door open, and Brad started squirming to get me to stop. I held onto him and looked up to see Samantha standing in the doorway. She proceeded to undress as she told us that her professor never showed up, so everyone left. Needless to say, Brad was a bit surprised. I laughed and told him to relax. I explained that we usually went naked in our room. Then I went back to giving him head.

She sat down next to Brad and started talking about how she loved watching me suck cock. She then asked if she could have a taste. So we decided it would be hotter if he was to catch us in the act, so he went to a strip club to get warmed up while I meet my friends for drinks. I knew I wanted him to last and make my husband watch as long as I could, so I sucked him off in the parking lot of the bar and made sure I swallowed every drop of cum before we headed to my house.

I stroked his cock all the way home, and by the time we pulled up in the driveway he was hard as a rock. We decided to strip and jump in the pool to mess around, knowing my husband would be home any time. He laid me out on the steps and buried his face between my legs, licking and sucking my clit so hard I was almost convulsing. I came loud and hard, and when I was done he stood up, grabbed my arm and dragged me inside. Having my clit stimulated has always been way better for me than penetration. I love to be rubbed and fondled and licked.

But she loved to be penetrated. Fucked, really. Never on a date, never kissed a guy or anything. But she loved to get fucked really hard. I liked how wet she got. I got addicted to the feeling of making a girl all crazy with arousal. No wonder guys are such insatiable sex hounds! Having a girl panting and making sexy noises and wiggling around under your touches is fucking incredible.

That feeling was amazing. I got more satisfaction out of getting Steph than I did from whatever she did to me after a while. She had the sweetest little innie. They were really thin and light pink. She was always perfectly groomed — soft dark hair on top and silky smooth all around. I loved teasing her little lips open.


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Adding the slightest amount of pressure to start spreading her open like flower petals. She would get sooo wet. My favorite thing was to try to get her so worked up and wet that her honey would actually drip down and disappear between the cheeks of her ass. Show me. I repeated the words silently as I pulled up, forced to look slightly up at her, noting how perfect her vantage point was.

I wanted — needed — to find out how far she was willing to take it, to be honest. Feeling my face heat up under her subtle scrutiny, I slowly pulled the hem of my skirt up my thighs until she had a good view of my naked, obviously drenched, pussy. I was so wet, in fact, that I could feel my arousal pooling under my bare ass. Humiliation burned in my cheeks. I shook, my heart pounding against my ribs. This time I played with myself at every red light, unable to keep from an earth shattering orgasm half a block from my home. Not the first of the night, either, but certainly the best.

I cling to it, push my face into the soft fabric, breathing you in and pausing between each exhalation to stop my nose getting used to your scent too quickly. What follows always begins with the lightest touch. Barely there brushes over a soft, flat nipple. Your smile.

Ultimate Decadence - 30 Erotic Short Stories Press Reviews

The sound of your laugh. With those few strokes and a few innocent thoughts of you, my nipples are both hard. And I choose to ignore them, just for a moment. Instead, I stroke my chest. My collar bones. Trip the tips of my fingers up the side of my neck, just the way you do. So does running my hand through my hair, brushing my thumb over my bottom lip, taking my fingers into my mouth and sucking. When I start to think about sucking your cock, I realise my hips are moving. I burrow further into the bed, leaving saliva trails on my chest as I reach for my nipples. The wetness makes them ache for your mouth.

You have this way of holding them between your teeth while your tongue rolls across them that makes my toes curl.

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I nip, roll and squeeze, trying to make myself feel all those things you make me feel. He nipped at her earlobe, drawing a surprised gasp from her.

The desire to take what was being offered was so great, and yet her conscience was still trying to make an argument against it. His teeth nipped and his tongue licked at her dewy skin. Marissa moaned and tilted her head, baring her neck to his ministrations. She was breathing so fast, it was making her dizzy; or maybe it was the crushing arousal streaking through her body. His fingers were just lingering, the tips teasing her inflamed lips, spreading her generous fluids up and around her vulva.

No panties and a piercing? Marissa was entirely under his spell, her lips parted, tongue darting out to moisten her tingling lips. Surprise turned into delight, and just as quickly turned into the feral determination. Before he had time to process these changes, she pounced on him, smashing her lips against his and clawing at his hair with her fingers. Her tongue made its way inside his mouth, and Jarno was quick to react, letting his body go into autopilot, as he pressed the beautiful girl to his body using his arms on her lower back.

Mackenzie had her knees on the couch whilst he was sitting, which meant she was standing higher than him, her hair cascading down to cover their faces. The small hands that were in his hair switched to unbutton his shirt with haste. As soon as his torso was exposed, Mackenzie made a point of flattening her hand against his muscled abdomen. Jarno felt her moan against his mouth.

Then he was pushed back onto the couch armrest. Mackenzie just grinned mischievously. Never looking away from him, she removed his shoes and socks, before pulling on his pants. Then, in one swift movement, she uncovered his penis by pulling his briefs down. They both gasped, due to the sheer excitement they were feeling. Jarno could see the young woman lick her lips hungrily whilst looking at his stiff member, before going on all fours in front of it.

Stroking my hand down her body, I grab mounds of flesh. I squeeze her rippling belly, nip her podgy hips, revelling in how lovely she feels. When I reach that black pubic hair, I take a handful. Massaging it in, I part those thick labia with my fingers, mash them around in hot, wet skin. And then, curling two fingers, I sink them inside her. I close my eyes, letting myself concentrate on my favourite thing in the world. I love sex, love having my cock sucked, my ass fucked, and I love sucking cocks, fucking asses and eating pussy. Feeling bumps, ridges, ripples and patterns on my fingertips drives me wild.

Everyone feels different. Some bodies are tight, some not, some are wet, others dry, soft, rough… They all behave differently, too. I reached for her large gorgeous tit and pinched the proud nipple standing erect. The painful sensation caused her to arch her back as she rode me cowgirl style.

The sobs of ecstasy emanating from her were exciting me and I could feel the stirrings beginning in my loins. Without warning, I suddenly rolled her off me and followed through the motion until I was screwing her missionary style, all without missing a beat. Ignoring her pleas to be gentle I mercilessly fucked her.

My cock was sliding in and out of her tight pussy. She signaled her approval by wrapping her long muscular legs around me cradling my body. Her hands went around my neck and she stared into my eyes as I kept fucking her. Those large sensual brown eyes peering into my soul as we rocked away. It was almost enough for me to forget the lie those wonderful eyes told. To keep from dwelling on that, I closed my eyes, as I thrust into her body, my testicles rapidly slapping against her ass.

Her moans of pleasure drifted up to me. It was another inducement to follow the laws of nature and climax. Spill my seed into this lovely creature and impregnate her. Have this woman as my helpmate, my partner, my lover, my wife, the mother of my children. All the variables of life as simplified into one simple equation: a man and a woman and life. The fantasy excited me as I went into the end stage of our love making.

A few more thrusts and I would be finished. She could tell that I was due and begged me to come in ever increasing cries. The volume of her voice began increasing as well. Then in a well-ordered fashion, I reached my zenith and I could hold back no longer. I roared as I slammed into her a final time and my sperm shot out of my cock violently.

I held my position as another stream followed, and then, another. She screamed in a climax as her body convulsed. He caught up to her and followed her out of the nightclub. They entered the elevator and she pressed the button for the 15th floor.

A Miniaturist of the Novel Who Finds Phones Erotic - The New York Times

They went down three stories, the door opened and she stepped out. Ed followed with a puzzled expression. She pulled a room key card from her clutch purse and opened the door of room When the door closed behind them she touched a wall switch and a gentle light came up in the room down a small hallway. In the dim light in the hall Ed saw Rachel looking up at his face. She smiled and he stepped forward to press himself against her body. She tilted her head up and his lips gently pressed against hers.

He sighed at how soft her mouth was against his. He stroked his bottom lip across hers and felt her breath catch. He stroked her mouth with his once more and Rachel moaned at his sensual touch. He lifted his hands and stroked the sides of her exposed neck. A shiver went through her body and she gasped. Then her tongue was in his mouth and Ed felt his body become lighter as his skin prickled with electricity. He moved his hands to her back and allowed them to slide down the silky fabric towards the curves of her ass.

When he squeezed her ass she moaned into his mouth and kissed him almost feverishly. She missed his hands sliding up to undo the zipper on her dress until it began to slide down her body. She caught it before it fell off and pulled back from his lips with a grin.

Ed pulled back to gaze in wonder at her bounty being supported by a demi cup bra. The cups barely contained her. Related Stories. One day last October, I got a DM from a listener to my podcast, asking for some sex advice. We talked to. When we think about porn, most of our minds probably flash to a laptop screen. But porn isn't just something that can be watched.

Sometimes, the best porn. Foreplay often doesn't get enough credit — not to mention time or attention.

30 Erotic Short Stories 30 Erotic Short Stories
30 Erotic Short Stories 30 Erotic Short Stories
30 Erotic Short Stories 30 Erotic Short Stories
30 Erotic Short Stories 30 Erotic Short Stories
30 Erotic Short Stories 30 Erotic Short Stories
30 Erotic Short Stories 30 Erotic Short Stories
30 Erotic Short Stories 30 Erotic Short Stories
30 Erotic Short Stories 30 Erotic Short Stories

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