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The Gift of the Holy Ghost Will Protect You in Enemy Territory

The samples returned to Earth in and the results have now been published in a special issue of the journal Astrobiology. The lichen have attracted interest from cosmetic companies. They can survive the full power of the Sun for 18 months, so knowing more could lead to new ingredients for sunscreen. Living organisms surviving in open space supports the idea of 'panspermia' -- life spreading from one planet to another, or even between solar systems. It seems possible that organisms could colonize planets by hitching rides on asteroids.

ESA is probing this intriguing theory further on future Station missions with different samples. Materials provided by European Space Agency.

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Note: Content may be edited for style and length. Science News. Lichen have proven to be tough cookies -- back on Earth, some species continue to grow normally. Astrobiology , ; 12 5 : DOI: ScienceDaily, 23 June European Space Agency. James Mushen. Allen O'Bannon. Camping For Dummies.


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2012 Survive and Live 2012 Survive and Live
2012 Survive and Live 2012 Survive and Live
2012 Survive and Live 2012 Survive and Live
2012 Survive and Live 2012 Survive and Live
2012 Survive and Live 2012 Survive and Live
2012 Survive and Live 2012 Survive and Live
2012 Survive and Live 2012 Survive and Live
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2012 Survive and Live 2012 Survive and Live

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