High Heels Mysteries Boxed Set Vol II (Books 4-6)

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What struck us, however, was that Samsung's phones edged out Apple's not once, but twice. Correspondence, Translator - Arthur A. Production, Manuscript, translation 2 folders. Project file , - readers' reports, clippings from Italian press. Project file - includes mention of another Archer book, The Dove and the Leopard. Correspondence , - mostly with MacMillan. Production, Proofs - 2 sets 3 folders.

Production, Proofs - illustration plates only. Correspondence, general , , - includes discussion of doing a volume of his criticism. Production, Manufacturing - estimate only. Correspondence , , - includes copyright renewal. Production, Manufacturing - includes numerous contact sheets of photographs. Publicity - includes letter from Henry Rago asking to use Arden's work along with books by Robbe-Grillet and Duras in his seminars.

Royalties E - includes some correspondence. Production, Setting copy - unmarked photocopy 2 folders. Correspondence, General , , , - includes brief discussion of Felicien Marceau. Correspondence, about Arrabal's arrest - clippings, request for letters of support from Prix Formentor members, etc. Publicity , - includes clippings from French press. Production, Manufacturing - includes numerous "This is a signed and limited edition Rights and permissions , - Evergreen Review.

Correspondence, Author , - includes photocopy of typed essay on erotic art, apparently by Arsan, entitled "Pistils or stamens: The promise of a gala occasion". Correspondence, Kronhausens - regarding disputes with author.

Forever Mine Book III A Mirandas Rights Mystery 3

Photographs - unidentified film stills 2 folders. Correspondence 2 folders. Production, Manufacturing - Dell edition. Production, Manufacturing - Black Cat edition. Production, Manuscript - translation, ch. Publicity , - includes Dell and film publicity. Publicity, Clippings - foreign newspapers. Film scenario circa - in English and French 2 folders. Project file , - mostly correspondence. Correspondence, reader's report , - includes discussion of Hanns Ewers. Production, Miscellaneous - paperback copy of Terrain Vague edition.

Project file - mostly correspondence with Filipacchi. Project file - includes correspndence, stills from movie. Project files - includes note, typescript in French. Project file - correspondence; transparency catalog from Color Separations Co. Correspondence, general , - Heliogabalus, Conquest of Mexico, flier about theatre workshop. Project file , - sample translations. Correspondence, Translator , - includes rejection of Richards' article submitted to Evergreen Review. Production, Manufacturing - reprint.

Rights and permissions - Samuel French. Production, Manufacturing - color transparencies; cover, front matter, galleys, proofs 2 folders. Correspondence , - includes discussion about "Sex in Literature II". Production, Repros - multiple sets 4 folders. Production, Manufacturing - Renoir, Eisenstein. Slides, "Jean Renoir: Films " - set of numbered and labeled black-and-white slides in red book-style box, stamped in gold with title and "Grove Press, New York" slides.

Slides, "S. Eisenstein: Complete Works" - set of numbered and labeled black-and-white slides in dark blue book-style box, stamped in gold with title and "Grove Press, New York" slides. Film materials circa - foreign reviews, advertisement, script excerpt, etc. Production, Manufacturing - Black Cat. Production, Mechanicals - text only 2 folders.

Production, Mechanicals - with photographs 3 folders. Royalties, Dais Forum Z - includes copy of agreement for Italian rights. Royalties, Melzer Verlag Z - includes copy of agreement for German rights. Production, Manuscript - intro through ch. Production, Manuscript - ch.

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Correspondence, Author - collection of interviews with directors Godard, Fellini, etc. Events - book about the making of the film. Film Materials - Evergreen Review; press releases, film synopsis and frame stills. Production, Mechanicals - text only 3 folders. Contract - includes proposal to publish. Correspondence, Author - including some with his agent. Correspondence, Burroughs - relating to his preface. Publicity - includes reviews of British edition published as "The Atrocity Exhibition". Royalties, Liveright BD - includes copy of contract. Correspondence - mostly rights and permissions.

Correspondence - mention of Roy Basler's Lincoln; correspondence with translator Helen Lane. Production, Notes - notepad with handwritten notes. Publicity, Author - correspondence with Barkas about publicity strategy; author photos; etc. Production, Shot copy - scattered pages, incomplete.

Production, Miscellaneous - contents, proof notes for chapters Production, Manufacturing - includes illustrations and photos. Production, Manuscript - incomplete; road tests, other notes. Correspondence, Reprint possibilities - serialization, book clubs, etc.

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Publicity - includes some relating to musical based on the book 4 folders. Publicity, Correspondence - letters from Grove to booksellers, reviewers, interviewers, etc. Contract - includes negotation correspondence. Correspondence - includes John Lahr's evaluation of other Barnes plays. Legal , - Milton Rokeach v. Avco Embassy Pictures and Grove Press. Correspondence, Author - includes sample introduction, correspondence with Alex Comfort, M. Correspondence, Author , , - about his new publishing venture, Barral Editores, Juan Garcia, Hortelano, etc.

Lenny - novelization of Barry's play about Lenny Bruce. Legal - photocopy of complaint brought by Kitty Bruce and Lenny Bruce's estate. Publicity, Stage production - includes photographs and playbill. Contracts, copyright - includes correspondence about various rights.

Production, Miscellaneous - includes a few large color proofs, notes, etc. Production, Manuscript, revised 3 folders. Production, Shot copy - pp. See Kupferberg, Tuli and Bashlow, Robert. Spanish translation, Andres Maria Mateo - sponsored by U. Information Agency. Project file , , - cover from Pauvert edition, correspondence with Wainhouse, French newspaper article. Correspondence, Austryn Wainhouse translator - includes mention of several other books Wainhouse worked on Juliette, Gilles de Rais, Robert ce Soir, etc. Photographs - prints and safety negatives.

Correspondence - includes background material addressing liability issues clippings, etc. Production, Miscellaneous - chronology, footnotes, introduction from Virgo, the original publisher. Correspondence - includes copyright. Production, Manufacturing - illustrations, covers. Under the Hill - posthumous Beardsley work finished by Glassco. Correspondence, general - includes copyright. Production, Mechanicals - pp. Correspondence , , - includes Annette Michelson, translator. See also Resnais, Alain : Correspondence. Manuscript - typed excerpts from translator Annette Michelson.

Correspondence, general - includes translator, Margaret Crosland. Production, Typescript - numerous handwritten edits and corrections. Author , , , undated 10 folders. Bowles, Patrick - regarding his biographical note on Beckett. Photographs, author - includes photographs of dog, candid shots possible from "Film" set, photo of Beckett with Barney.

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Poster, "Au loin un oiseau" - poster for Double Elephant Press publication of special folio edition. Rights and permissions, general , , undated 3 folders. See also [Multiple titles] : Rights and permissions at end of Beckett section. See also [Multiple titles] : Royalties at end of Beckett section. The quest for being in Samuel Beckett's trilogy, with an in-depth analysis of the quest in Molloy , by Kannangath Narayan Kutty dissertation 2 folders.

Correspondence regarding - offers to write items, queries about submitting items, notes accompanying copies of items, etc. Correspondence, Somer and Caterette , - regarding film version. Rights and permissions, film and television , , 2 folders. Royalties, Samuel French E 2 folders. Produced by Soundscape, Alexandria, VA. Catalog number C Produced by William Cavness. Rights and permissions , undated - mention of Ionesco. Project file - includes photocopy of typed article by Beckett about the character; copyright info. Production, Manufacturing , - includes book covers. Production, Setting copy - miscellaneous pages.

Rights and permissions , , - includes thank-you note from New York Public Library for donation of original typescript. Correspondence , , , , - includes cease-and-desist letter to Andre Gregory; letter about record album of the play. Publicity, General 3 folders. Publicity, General 5 folders. Royalties, Evergreen E - includes copyright. Royalties, Richard Barr - for performances. Royalties, Samuel French - for performances 2 folders.

Rise of the drow 5e pdf

Production, Illustrations "cuts" 2 folders. Prodocution, Manuscript - typescript with corrections. Correspondence, Helvetica Press - regarding Nobel Prize anthology. Rights and permissions - includes letter from Gloria Steinem letter requesting rights to reprint in The Beach Book. Royalties, Evergreen E - Evergreen. Royalties, Allyn and Bacon E - for anthology. Royalties, Barney Rosset and Alan Schneider , - for performances. Royalties, Agence Hoffman Suhrkamp - published with Film and other titles.

Publicity, General , 2 folders. Royalties GP - includes copyright. Production, Galleys - author's, with corrections. Project file - correspondence, photcopy of text. Rights and permissions - including letter from MacGowran; contract for performance at New York Shakespeare Festival. Correspondence , , - includes copyright info. Publicity , , undated - reviews, newspaper and magazine articles, advertisements, programs, etc. Rights and permissions, radio, television and film , , , undated - includes script by Peter Symcox for Shoestring Theatre script undated.

Royalties, Deutsche Grammophon S. Fischer Verlag E - letter only, no payment records. Royalties, Harry Joe Brown E - includes correspondence, copy of contract. Royalties, miscellaneous productions - includes correspondence with Library Extension Fund at Trinity College, to whom some royalties were paid. Royalties, Rosica Colin E - Czechoslovakia. Royalties, S. Fischer Verlag 3 folders. Royalties, Samuel French 2 folders. Production, Camera copy undated - incomplete. Publicity, Essay by Gerard Manley Hopkins - negative photocopy of corrected typescript.

Publicity, "Molloy and the pigs" by Beckett [? Rights and permissions, Ted Kirby production at Bennington College Rights and permissions, television - WNET. Publicity - press release; clipping of "Smeraldina's Billet Doux" published in Vogue. Rights and permissions, Roger Reynolds - lengthy discussion about setting Ping to music. Production, Manuscript - "revised version for Grove", typescript carbon. Production, Camera copy - disassembled copy of Dolphin Books edition. Production, Corrections - fragments only, typescript, with instructions to printer.

Royalties E, HB - includes list of Beckett books going out of print as of 31 Dec Production, Galleys - stamped "first reading," with numerous corrections. Production, Proofs - pasted onto layouts with transparent overlays 2 folders. Production, Manufacturing - includes covers for at least two different editions.

Production, Setting copy - front matter. Publicity, General 2 folders. Production, Manufacturing , , - estimate and reprint. Contract, Knox and Shenkel - includes correspondence. See also Rights and permissions, amateur productions. Correspondence, National Telefilm Associates, Inc. Production, Proofs - 21st and 22nd printings. Production, Miscellaneous - pieces by Kenner and Saroyan on Beckett; unidentified typed notes.

Publicity, Recording - includes proof [? Rights and permissions , , undated 3 folders. Rights and permissions, Amateur productions 2 folders. Rights and permissions, Productions , - includes some contract drafts and a marked copy showing the play "as performed by CBC " 2 folders. Royalties, Donald Albery E [empty] - empty. Royalties, National Telefilm Associates, Inc. Typescript undated - incomplete; originally filed with rights and permissions. Production, Miscellaneous - checklist, corrections, cover copy.

See also More Pricks Than Kicks , in which these stories appeared. Typescripts - multiple carbons of both stories. See also Rights and permissions, general at beginning of Beckett section. See also Royalties, general at beginning of Beckett section. Correspondence - includes reader's report, production estimate sheet. Production, Setting copy - disassembled Methuen edition. Publicity - includes Evergreen edition jacket. Photographs circa - stills from British film production based on play.

Production, Working copy - bound, paperback Evergreen edition E Production, Setting copy - disbound Methuen edition. Production, Setting copy - disbound Viking edition 3 folders. Correspondence , - includes reader's report. Publicity - about Belitt's translations for Grove. Production, Galleys - first galley proof. Production, Manuscript 3 folders. Production, Galleys - "Author's corrected galleys, " ch. Production, Galleys - "1st revised" ch. Production, Galleys - "copyeditor's set" ch.

Production, Galleys - "Master" ch. Production, Galleys - unidentified versions, ch. Production, Manuscript - foreword by Tom Wicker, ch. Correspondence - includes assessment by Milton Schwebel. See Haley, Alex : [Melvin Belli biography]. Production, Proof - includes typescript of end notes, with corrections.

Production, Miscellaneous - foreword by Pieyre de Mandiargue with corrections photocopy ; preface by Jelenski with corrections photocopy ; assorted pages. Correspondence - includes author correspondence, photos, clippings, contributor releases. Production, Mechanicals - all contain slight variations from each other 5 folders. Correspondence, author , undated 5 folders. Project file - contract, readers' reports. Book - New Republic paperback edition.

Bibliography, Hochhuth - typescript; galleys. Correspondence - includes letter from Albert Schweitzer with his thoughts on the book. Correspondence , , undated 3 folders. Production, Setting copy with galleys - pages 1 - bibliography. Project file 1 - articles, essays, reviews, clippings about "The Deputy," some published and others typescript; authors include Alfred Kazin, Robert Leiber S.

Project file 4 - mostly correspondence about permissions from original authors. Correspondence, film adaptation - includes letter from Alain Robbe-Grillet. Production, Setting copy - marked-up copy of Orion Press edition. Project file - reader's reports, clippings about the author. Correspondence - includes Jean Leblon, translator. Production, Miscellaneous - corrections, quotations, etc. Project file - reader's report; photocopies of marked-up pages from Christian Bourgois edition. Correspondence, author 4 folders. Correspondence, Random House - regarding transfer of Berne rights.

Correspondence, Foreign rights 2 folders. Production, Setting copy - disassembled Grove edition; possibly for paperback edition. Publicity, Grove - correspondence, requests for review copies, lists of target publications, ad poroofs and discussion of campaigns, Berne appearances on talk shows, etc. Publicity, Clippings - ads, mostly newspaper clippings 3 folders.

Publicity, Clippings - ads for paperback edition. Publicity, Clippings - best-seller lists, clipped from magazines and newspapers 6 folders. Publicity, Clippings - British reviews. Publicity, Clippings , - French reviews. Publicity, Clippings - "good reviews". Publicity, Clippings 7 folders.

Will Travel for Trouble

Publicity, Clippings 8 folders. Publicity, Clippings , 2 folders. Rights and permissions 2 folders. Royalties, Dilia Pravda GP - includes contract. Correspondence, Gang, Tyre, Rudin and Brown - regarding contract. Correspondence, Sylvie Selig illustrator - includes copy of contract. Production, Manuscript - original, revised version and final version 4 folders.

Project file - correspondence about production delays, discussion of illustrations, queries from foreign publishers, etc. Publicity , - clippings, reviews, photocopies of letters from children. Reader responses - letters from children. Project file - correspondence, proposal to publish, etc. Project file - project with Ziff-Davis Book Clubs; mostly manufacturing material.

Production, Manufacturing , 3 folders. Production, Setting copy - name index only. Correspondence, Author , - includes clipping about wife Alice. Production, Page proofs - partial, 6 pages. Production, Manufacturing - includes jacket from Fremch edition. Production, Manuscript - introduction by Raymond Borde only; photocopy of original French, typescript of English translation. Correspondence - most is with Harold Talbot translator.

Production, Jacket - boards for Grove hardcover edition. Correspondence - includes summary of royalties paid to Curtis Brown Ltd. Correspondence, Reavey translator , , , , - includes his "A Note on Andrei Bely" photocopy , biographical sketch, reprint of "Nine Letters of Boris Pasternak" by Ellen Levni. Production, Manuscript - photocopy 4 folders. Production, Manuscript setting copy - corrected and marked up for typesetting 6 folders.

Production, Proofs - preface by Harrison Salisbury; translator's introduction by George Reavey photocopies 2 folders. Correspondence, general , , , , - includes some unidentified typescript pages with corrections. Production, Manuscript - corrected typescript of introduction by George Reavey.

Table of Contents

Royalties, Book Find Club E - includes contractinformation. Gedin E , - Swedish edition; includes contractinformation. Photographs of paintings 2 folders.

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Production, Manuscript - artist biographies and picture captions. Production, Manuscript - typescript in German. Production, Manuscript - "working manuscript"; typescript with corrections, annotations. Production, Setting copy - original and photocopy 2 folders. Production, Shot copy 2 folders. Production, Setting copy 5 folders. Project file - reader's report; German reviews. Project file - proposal, reader's report, translation excerpt. Project file - author correspondnece, contract, sketch of cruise ship, cover from Venus edition VR. Correspondence - Austryn Wainhouse, others.

Project file - fragment of envelope addressed to Grove, nothing else. Project file - correspondence, color transparencies.

High Heels Mysteries Boxed Set Vol II (Books 4-6) High Heels Mysteries Boxed Set Vol II (Books 4-6)
High Heels Mysteries Boxed Set Vol II (Books 4-6) High Heels Mysteries Boxed Set Vol II (Books 4-6)
High Heels Mysteries Boxed Set Vol II (Books 4-6) High Heels Mysteries Boxed Set Vol II (Books 4-6)
High Heels Mysteries Boxed Set Vol II (Books 4-6) High Heels Mysteries Boxed Set Vol II (Books 4-6)
High Heels Mysteries Boxed Set Vol II (Books 4-6) High Heels Mysteries Boxed Set Vol II (Books 4-6)
High Heels Mysteries Boxed Set Vol II (Books 4-6) High Heels Mysteries Boxed Set Vol II (Books 4-6)
High Heels Mysteries Boxed Set Vol II (Books 4-6) High Heels Mysteries Boxed Set Vol II (Books 4-6)

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