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I thought they had muted me out. I was going hard, performing like if I was doing a show. He just loved that.

The Roots might be the most talented cover band in the world. They did a great job on your "Touched By An Angel. Wilson: They can play, man. I really enjoy the Roots. Just think about if me and the Roots did a record together.

How crazy would that be? Wilson: That's a classic. Even my close friends that I grew up with, they may not have necessarily liked something else but they said they like that right off the bat. I knew that that record would grab you when you hear it. It doesn't matter what color your skin is. It's just got something on it. I thought that was the perfect record to do on "The Tonight Show," for soccer moms and whoever else was watching. It looked like one of your inner-ear monitors was giving you trouble on "The Tonight Show.

Wilson: I close up one of my ears, because I'm deathly scared of singing out of tune. Laughs It has nothing to do with the ear monitors; I just don't trust myself when it comes to that. Because a couple times, I've heard the playback on some stuff I was doing, and I thought I was in tune and I was not. So when I plug up my ear, I can hear myself inside my head and then I can hear the music at the same time.

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So if I'm flat, I sharpen myself up. I'm just frightened to death of singing out of tune. That's why I always stick that finger in my ear. People don't know what that is. They probably think it's a habit. Wilson: I do it on the stage all the time. It just depends on how the monitors You can have something really loud and then the volume goes down and the key goes up, like it's changing keys.

When music is really, really loud, it gives you a false reading of what it is. Those ambulance sirens in London change keys and go up -- distance changes key, because now it's not as loud.

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It gives you its real key as it gets farther away. If the volume is lower, you get the real deal. Of all the people I might have guessed would guest with you onstage, Scotty McCreery wasn't one of them. Wilson: Laughs You know what, man? I heard about this kid during "American Idol. He loved that record.

He found out it was Charlie Wilson, and then this country kid got into Charlie Wilson. He tells the producers on "American Idol" that he wants to do this Charlie Wilson record, because he found a new love for this guy's songs. But they wouldn't let him sing no Charlie Wilson music. He was very upset about that. They told him, "The reason why we don't want you to do it is because you're going to confuse the fans that you have already.

Anyway, from that moment on, Michael has been in touch with this guy. He was finally able to come to a show in North Carolina. He bought himself and 20 of his family and friends tickets. His mom and everybody was there. He wanted to come and see me and relax. Michael told me, "What if you brought him onstage? That would be kind of cool. Wanna hear this record. Just don't want all slow jams.. I'll end up skipping a good slow jam in search of an uptempo song like R. Kelly's "TP3.

Download all the shit hop that you can for your kids, neices, nephews, and their friends also.

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That will prevent them from going out and buying it and will prevent some shit hop sales. Prospect said: Stymie said: I hate that new song, too David. Stymie said: Prospect said: Well, Charlie is a old school playa. Underwhelming CD Kelly got Charlie singin about "magic in my pants". What in the blue hell? FAR from a classic. You can't put whipped cream on a goat turd and call it ice cream.

We run tings, tings nah run we Prospect said: Stymie said: yeah, Charlie's old school but he don't have to go the creepy route. I think he's a very attracted man. I always have. I love that song. I never even knew who Charlie Wilson was b4 this song since I'm a young buck.

Charlie, Last Name Wilson

MichaelsLight said: I love that song. Hated it!!! Charlie Wilson, Charlie.. In addition to serving as executive producer, Kelly wrote, produced, and arranged three songs: "Magic," the title track, and the Stevie Wonder-ish "No Words. Pain , and several others also help out -- but whoever the producer or writer is on a particular track, the obvious goal was to make Wilson sound contemporary and modern by standards. And Wilson sounds perfectly natural alongside guest Snoop Dogg on the angry "You Got Nerve" and even Justin Timberlake who has shed some of his more bubblegum tendencies of the past on the infectious "Floatin'.

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In other words, Wilson does exactly what Kelly , Teddy Riley , Sweat , and so many of his other admirers have been doing all these years. Charlie, Last Name Wilson isn't in a class with the singer's best recordings with the Gap Band , but it's a respectable and inspired demonstration of his ability to be relevant to the hip-hop-drenched urban contemporary scene of AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods.

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Charlie, Last Name Wilson Charlie, Last Name Wilson
Charlie, Last Name Wilson Charlie, Last Name Wilson
Charlie, Last Name Wilson Charlie, Last Name Wilson
Charlie, Last Name Wilson Charlie, Last Name Wilson
Charlie, Last Name Wilson Charlie, Last Name Wilson
Charlie, Last Name Wilson Charlie, Last Name Wilson
Charlie, Last Name Wilson Charlie, Last Name Wilson
Charlie, Last Name Wilson Charlie, Last Name Wilson
Charlie, Last Name Wilson

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