Lueur dailleurs (FICTION) (French Edition)

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It also shows us how important it is to have far reaching dreams a I was genuinely surprised by this book. It also shows us how important it is to have far reaching dreams and to never stop making them. To reach your dream is to stop life. You really need a purpose to keep yourself young at heart and healthy in mind. It also shows how important it is to not shelter your children from realities - they just get their hearts broken later - and that letting them go is the important thing to do not easy - but important!

Coddling a child only creates a tyrant that no one can stand and then they grow up to be mean spirited adults. I enjoyed reading this book, despite the desparation of the character. It was disconcerting to see how frail her mind was with time and it made me think of my own life. With life, changes happen all the time and they aren't always to your liking. It's how you choose to handle them that makes all the difference in the world and in your mind. This book has changed me in a way. I read it when I was 9, and it is one of my favorite books, I can read it again and again, I'll never get tired of it.

Sad story of a young woman who married the wrong man, a man who despises her. I read this book when in my teens and I still remember it today. Even though I was quite young I clearly remember all the phases and the key moments and different feelings the character goes through. It made me also realize that the choices you make impact your life and that there is a life to be lived and we should all enjoy every single moment.

That is so sad story. Poor Jeanne.

De Maupassant creates a lovely fresh heroine: young, beautiful, with a convent education and a heart full of optimism and joy. Then he proceeds to lacerate her life with razor precision. Nothing and no one turns out as they should. The aristocratic layabout to whom she is married, her maid, even her mother's memory is tarnished.

Priests are fickle and every act of generosity on Jeanne's part rebounds painfully. Her beloved son Paul turns out to be nothing but a trial to her. There i Poor Jeanne. There is very little consolation for the reader. The book even manages to ruin Corsica as a honeymoon destination. I decided to read it because I quite enjoyed "Bel Ami" that I read one year ago or so but I was afraid it's going to be the same: something like a bunch of romantic adventures. However, this book tells us the story of a woman who was full of hope in her younger days, and then how life severely treated her: unhappy marriage, death of close people, selfish child.

Sometimes reminded me of 'Sentimental education' by Flaubert. Highly recommended. Read this on my Kindle in French and loved it. The beauty lies in the description of the setting in Normandy. Tracked the places on Google Maps.

Meaning of "plafonnier" in the French dictionary

A sad and sorry take of a marriage ill-made in the early 19th Century at a time when it was well nigh impossible for a woman to extricate herself. Interestingly I read Read this on my Kindle in French and loved it. I've heard of Guy de Mauppasant for so long, but this was the first book I picked up by him.

Lucky for me, since I rarely see the English version in bookstores. The story is very simple. Taking place around the mid s France, we meet Jeanne de Lamare at age 17, when she's fresh out of school. The title pretty much says it all- we watch Jean's downward spiral from a happy schoolgirl to a broken, sad grandmother thirty years later. The saddest part is- it is one simple decision made in haste th I've heard of Guy de Mauppasant for so long, but this was the first book I picked up by him. The saddest part is- it is one simple decision made in haste that causes tragedy in Jeanne's life for the next few decades.

As far as story, A Life definitely veers toward melodrama at times, a bit like a soap opera on paper. Characters are somewhat black and white. I was surprised though that a nineteenth-century male author and one who was apparently such a blatant womanizer as Guy de Maupassant could write a female character with such compassion and empathy. As far as prose is concerned, I have never read such beautiful writing in my life.

The following paragraph is one such example, from the book's first few pages: The sun had set; church bells tolled in the distance. In one little village they were lighting the lamps; and the sky began to shine with a swarm of stars. Here and there, the lights from a house would pierce the darkness like pinpricks of fire; and all at once, from behind the hillside, through branches of fir, the moon rose, red and huge, like a bleary eye rose from sleep.

One thing the reader notices is that nature is more of a trustworthy companion for Jeanne throughout life's ups and downs mostly downs- a happy book this is not than her human companions. In fact, it appears that it is the sea, the trees, and summer breezes that helps Jeanne to move on with her life, however hobbled she is by tragedy. Perhaps this is one of the author's messages; that when all relationships fail and leave one disillusioned, there is always Mother Earth for solace.

Growing up, I was quite taken with historical fiction, mainly Dumas. Now, for all I know, I could be completely misunderstanding the text.

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However, a text always means what it means to you. The story itself is quite simple. It starts the day her adult life begins, and concludes at a point where it changes drastically once more. There were many themes in the novel, in spite of it being quite short. Morality, religion, child rearing, classes were all touched upon.

While it talks about a lot of things, it concludes nothing really. Morality in the story is not at a high point. Basically, everyone cheats on everyone, and everyone is sleeping with everyone. Apart from sexual morality, the only other morality it concerns itself with is that of the morals concerning the responsibilities of a child towards their parents.

In that regard we see two opposite examples.

lueur dailleurs fiction french edition Manual

However, it is left to the reader to draw conclusions from the examples. One is clearly positive, the other negative, but the reader could excuse the actions of the negative example with bad child rearing. Religion is also a theme. There are two examples of priests as well. This leads me to the child rearing aspect of the story.

Maupassant himself was brought up in the country, and then sent to school, which he hated. Both the aristocratic children, the main protagonist herself was brought up with ideas of natural romanticism, where everything feels like a romance novel. The boy is brought up similarly. Makes me wonder if Maupassant felt like a fish out of water as well. He turned out much different. This part also makes the point of the value of hard work, and that with that people can accomplish a lot.

This difference is child rearing also points towards the heavy classism in the novel. The peasants are praised for their hard work, but also not thought of as much. Their morals are loose. One priest says one of his main jobs is that when he sees a peasant girl getting bigger, to find the boy who did it and get them married. It even often mentions that peasant girls almost always get married pregnant. While their morals are also described as loose, somehow that feels to be forgivable, and not derogatory.

I also want to talk about the characters a bit. However, the focus does feel to be mainly on the different women in the story. The life of the aristocratic women is idle. They wander around all the time, not doing much of anything. Jeanne did have ideas of maybe travelling, but other than her honeymoon, she never actually left her home.

At first she was bothered by this, but as her life found the focus of her son, she lost all interest in anything else. This is what makes the story very boring for me. She just lets things happen to her, but is never an active agent in anything. Not even her own marriage. I know probably a lot of women felt like this in her time, but we know plenty of examples of women who found ways to revolt. The whole thing is a description. Here you never really get that sense. You are closed off from Jeanne. Pretty, blank, glass eyes staring out of an empty head. They are examples. Not real personalities, never developing, evolving, changing.

It makes me think that if Maupassant saw people this way, then he never really saw anyone with all their complexities, motivations, histories, struggles and achievements. There is no empathy. Upon starting this novel, I wondered if it could say something to me. It gives a detached, simplistic view of the world.

It never shows a resolution for the problems, or even an attempt to make the situation of the characters, or the world better. What I felt at the end was emptiness. The 21st century human is not inspired by such stories. That is what we need. Stories that inspire us to want to change. Cross-posted at Unapologetic Reviews Jeanne moves from a convent to a chateau in Normandy, gets married, and finds herself acclimatizing to a new life with a husband and family.

The flowing prose with gorgeous descriptions of the French countryside and the delicate sensitivity in expressing the characters were highlights in this story. As always with modern-day reading eyes, one cannot help but be a little deflated in seeing the lack of equality, and expectations of a woman's 4 stars liked a lot Such refined and lovely writing!

As always with modern-day reading eyes, one cannot help but be a little deflated in seeing the lack of equality, and expectations of a woman's role, in marriage. And there is a quick passing incident reflecting less evolved thinking in the treatment of animals. That aside, this relatively quiet story of Jeanne's path of hope and despair is beautifully written with a remarkably authetic female perspective for a male author.

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Ultimately, the story is a reflection on choices versus fate, the significance of memories and home, and the power of family connections. The early chapters in this novel have some of the finest descriptions of human happiness I have read. What makes it even more effective is our certainty that the exquisite life of the heroine - a loving family, wealth, social status, and a beautiful home in a beautiful part of the world - are all painfully transient. We just know that it won't last Not the least of the reasons why this is so good is that at the end, even though so much has been lost, and so many early hopes blasted, there are still echoes of redemption, and signs that something worthwhile has survived.

That's also how I feel looking back at my own life, and I am sad that Maupassant's short life ended in sorrow and pain. But the existence of this book testifies that his life was not lived in vain. This is a terrible book that reaffirms the old cliche that dudes can't write about women.

It belongs it that long list. What a shame and a waste. We don't have many true seducers among the great novelists. Probably because the Third Republic was the last time that you could tell a woman at a dinner party that you were a novelist, do it with a twinkle in your eye, and know you were going to get laid that same night.

I want to believe that the seducer knows women well. Instead what we get is a kind This is a terrible book that reaffirms the old cliche that dudes can't write about women. En atterrissant, elle pensait que son voyage se terminait. Il ne fait que commencer. Aucune affaire ne nous fait peur. Enfin parfois Qui pourrait donc leur faire obstacle? Un planet opera… gigantesque.

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Lueur dailleurs (FICTION) (French Edition) Lueur dailleurs (FICTION) (French Edition)
Lueur dailleurs (FICTION) (French Edition) Lueur dailleurs (FICTION) (French Edition)
Lueur dailleurs (FICTION) (French Edition) Lueur dailleurs (FICTION) (French Edition)
Lueur dailleurs (FICTION) (French Edition) Lueur dailleurs (FICTION) (French Edition)
Lueur dailleurs (FICTION) (French Edition) Lueur dailleurs (FICTION) (French Edition)
Lueur dailleurs (FICTION) (French Edition) Lueur dailleurs (FICTION) (French Edition)
Lueur dailleurs (FICTION) (French Edition) Lueur dailleurs (FICTION) (French Edition)

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