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Those are some 6 stars. Those are some of the words that describe the impossible situation in which Chloe, Kellan and Jonah find themselves. The stress and pain is consuming everything… body and mind, heart and soul. How can anyone ever want this? A fucking curse.

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What a joke. Fate is a sick, sick bastard. He needed space to regroup and think about it all. Jonah and Chloe live in Annar now, building their life together, planning for their future. She worries for him. She misses him. When Kellan comes back, things truly begin to disintegrate. On top of that, another attack by the Elders is imminent and sure enough, Chloe finds herself in trouble and is put in a situation where Kellan and her spend a lot of time together. To quote, A Tale of Two Cities, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

During their time together, they talk honestly about all the feelings they have and my heart seriously hurt for Kellan. He puts Chloe first, always, and loves her with such passion and reverence that to hear him bare his soul is nothing short of excruciatingly painful. They are connected. No matter how much we pretend differently.

On the other hand, Kellan is completely open and transparent with her and the juxtaposed feelings really makes Chloe think. I have to say, personally, I felt really content in the moments that Chloe and Kellan were together. Despite the painful reality, when they let go, their relationship seems effortless, happy, passionate and really satisfying to me as a reader. I truly fell more for Kellan in this book. I understood him more, I felt him more and I hurt for him more too. The things he says to Chloe… the way he expresses his love… well it totally melted me.

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And those intimate moments are brimming with desire and passion and want and I absolutely loved it! My hands grip his hips, my fingers skim the skin right under the waistband of his low riding trunks. Only mine. But sigh… when things are good with Jonah.

Jonah is home. Jonah is history. Jonah is her primary Connection. And give the boy a prize, because Jonah tries so very hard to make this impossible situation bearable. So as loving and passionate as Kellan is in this book, Jonah is right there with him. My favorite person. I really felt her too. The character development that happens is significant… we learn so much more about Kellan, and we also learn more about Jonah and how he handles situations.

I feel that Chloe is on a precipice… on the brink of taking matters into her own hands and writing her own destiny. A little more hanky panky… I loved that as they characters got older, the intimacy is escalating. I really like the path that Chloe is on. I really liked seeing that in AMOH. I am feeling closer to Kellan, but even as I type these words, it seems completely wrong to form an opinion. So much is yet to happen… there are mysteries that need to be solved. I feel like there has to be a reason they are the way they are. What will happen with the Elders? How will Chloe alter Fate? I am in control of my destiny.

No one, nothing else. View 1 comment. Best line from the book Make our chairs levitate. I had extremely high expectations for this book. Book one: A Matter of Fate is on my best reads of And I am very conflicted on this review, and here is why Heather writes such compelling characters, I am too involved with how I think these characters should act which only gives credit to Lyons writ Best line from the book Heather writes such compelling characters, I am too involved with how I think these characters should act which only gives credit to Lyons writing and story telling ability.

On top of that I am so pro Jonah I ended up hurting for him with everything that Cloe ended up doing. Okay with all that being said here is the review Being book two you are dropped into Cloe's life now that she is sitting on the council. There is still tension between Jonah and Kellan and that only gets worse as the book continues.

Being Connected to two people drives Cleo to do things I did not agree with. Like I said I was a little to involved with the outcome of these characters. Liked: Typically I don't like books that make me feel too much.. I know weird right? But this book made me laugh, and made me cry.

Callie was hysterical and a much appreciated break from Cloe's heartbreak. It was great to see a character that had their heart broken pick up the pieces and start to put herself back together. Disliked: If you follow any of my reviews you know I detest love triangles. Hate hate hate them. But because this story is so great I made an exception to my rule. And I was thrown into love triangle hell. Also at times I really thought Cloe came off as whiny and I just wanted to shake the sh! And tell her to pull herself together. So with having said all that Heather Lyons knows how to write a love triangle which will have you pounding your head against the wall and rooting for your favorite.

Overall This was worth the wait. Great second book, with so much emotion you will feel sick with worrying about these fictional characters. My only hope??? Book three wont have so much conflict and the love triangle will be resolved so we can get down to the business of killing off the Creators already. I would definitely recommend this book to both young adult, new adult and adult audiences.

Rating: I am giving A Matter of Heart by: Heather Lyons, 4 stars out of 5 because the love triangle and my dislikes were just to strong to warrant a higher rating. Apr 23, Andrea Heltsley rated it it was amazing Shelves: read , arc-reviews. I stayed up until the wee hours of the night reading this book. It had me on the edge of my bed the entire time! This book had a lot of romance in it and was the perfect build up for book 3. I love romantic triangles, personally. I'm always wondering who they are going to choose and why. The two guys, Jonah and Kellan are hottie brothers who both have a connection with Chloe.

This created a lot of tension in the book and kept the story interesting. I love the world of Annar and Jonah and I stayed up until the wee hours of the night reading this book. I love the world of Annar and Jonah and Chloe's apartments. It's cute how they took their parents rule and bent it to fit their own agenda. My only complaint is: Heather, are you trying to kill me? Now I have to read book 3 and I'm very impatient. Book 2 left a lot of loose ends and questions to set up book 3. As an author, you have succesfully bridged the gap between YA and NA with this book.

I give this amazing read five glittery stars for being a follow up book of epic proportions! The plot thickens and the romance becomes so intense that I was dazed when I finished this book. The writing is so fantastic and the characters are incredibly developed. I have never connected with a series as much has I have with this one. Chloe has made her decision and chosen the brother that Fate has picked for her.

Chloe is now living in the Magical realm, Annar, where she has taken her seat on the council. She is living in her own apartment and she will be getting married within the year. Things seem to be falling into place. Chloe falls apart in this book and it is painful and sad to watch. She is such a strong girl who has been dealt a lot of crap in her young life but it all becomes too much and I felt for her. Despite fulfilling her destiny and taking her place on the council, her parents still barely acknowledge her and that is hard for Chloe.

There are so many times when she could use motherly love or advice and she has never known that. After a mission gone bad, Chloe is being targeted by the head of the guard who has a grudge against Creators and he sets his sights on Chloe. This adds stress to her life since she already struggles with her role and the things she may be asked to do. As a Creator, she is responsible for not only creating things, but also destroying them. This includes places where innocent people may lose their lives. As Chloe struggles to come to grips with her role as the Creator, her love life is becoming increasingly complicated and unbearable.

She loves Jonah with every piece of her soul and the idea of living without him sends her into a panic attack. She feels this possessiveness over him and the guilt eats away at her. I could feel the guilt in my own gut because Chloe is such a relatable character. Jonah is embracing his role on the council and he is becoming very powerful and strong. I think we really get to see more of who each brother is in this book and the roles they play as Magicals.

Jonah is meant to lead. He has the chops for it and he is mature and stable and level headed. He is going to marry Chloe and he has already started to assert his protection of her with the council. Kellan is hurting. He is obviously just as powerful as Jonah but he is more reckless and daring and that makes him a strong guard.

However, he is hurting and no amount of booze, girls or dangerous behavior stops him from feeling what he does for Chloe. My heart hurt so much for Kellan and Jonah both. I want Kellan to be happy and I hate seeing him self destruct and slowly lose his bond to his brother.

However, I also feel for Jonah because he loves Chloe so much and he feels like she is slipping through his fingers. Jonah is so strong and composed so it is hard to watch him lose himself as he struggles to hold onto everything. I was glad to see her change a bit and be the friend that Chloe needed. She caused some strife between Jonah and Chloe but she actually really grows as a character in AMOH and she becomes a really good friend and confidante for Chloe.

She helps Chloe in really rough times and I ended up really liking her by the end of this book. Chloe makes a few new friends on the council and they help her deal with the accusations that are thrown her way and are very supportive of her when she is targeted by the head of the guard. I was really happy to see all of the supportive friends Chloe had on her side.

Unfortunately, she was really good at hiding her internal turmoil and none of them saw what would come in the end in order to help her before it was too late. Chloe, Jonah and Kellan are still dealing with the threat to Magicals as the ancient creatures that have been targeting Chloe are still out there and they have been attacking more Magicals.

Kellan has been gone for months, trying to keep his distance from Jonah and Chloe but when he returns, all emotional hell breaks loose. Even harder, was seeing how this affected Chloe. She carried around this constant guilt for tearing the brothers apart and for not being able to control her feelings for Kellan when she loves Jonah so much it hurts.

The emotional torture begins to take a physical toll on her and it was painful to watch. My heart broke for Chloe as she became physically ill from the constant stress and guilt. She tries so hard to hide it but it becomes to much for her and Cora and Callie take notice. In the end, she makes a devastating decision that will profoundly affect everyone. We continue to learn more about the Magical world and the way they maintain balance in the universe.

I liked the way it began several months after AMOF ended and we get a quick breakdown of where everyone is now that they are living in Annar and starting their lives as Magicals. My favorite part of this book was the profound focus on the love triangle and the emotional damage that was done to all 3 of them as they tried to cope with the impossible situation.

It was heartbreaking for me and I was shocked and shattered by the ending. I am forever a fan of Heather and I think she is a truly incredible author. Feb 16, Cristina rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , urban-fantasy. I was lost in world filled with Magicals and it was heart-stopping the entire time, dare I say it was even more intense than the first book. Heather Lyons is simply said, a brilliant author and she has the ability to create characters that are complex and filled with depth that go along with a story that is incredibly colorful and heart wrenching.

Her writing is fluid, authentic and perfect, not to mention that she will command your full attention she had me at Kellan!!! This story did things to me…it stressed me out the entire time and I felt as though my heart would break repeatedly. My stomach spasms violently, and I want to cry, just bawl about the unfairness of it all, but I go numb instead. And because this love triangle is stressing her out to the point of making her ill, she makes a selfless decision to stop what is driving them all crazy, but is that really the answer?

Am I being vague?? Everything you want and need in a story is in this book; brace yourself for an emotional rollercoaster ride that will leave you wonderfully exhausted!!!! View 2 comments. May 06, Jenna rated it it was amazing. I am so in love with this series!! But man does it have me all sorts of conflicted! This is the most heartbreaking triangle I have read in a long time. Damn you Fate and your Connections! I am surprised to say this but.. I think from this book alone I am Team Kellan Jonah is amazing, I get that.

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He's understanding and forgiving.. But he's also secretive. I feel like I hardly know him at all. Whereas Kellan has always been so forthcoming and fully committed to having something with Chloe. I ca I am so in love with this series!! I can't help but feel if Jonah didn't exist she would with out a doubt be with Kellan.. Sometimes I can't help but feel that Jonah loves her but only because of the connection, where Kellan fell in love with her before ever knowing about it.. I want to hate Chloe for going back and forth but I get that can't help it.

I know that she will probably end up with Jonah but part of me can not help but hold out for her and Kellan. I kept hoping that he would end up with the ring not Jonah. Or that maybe there was someway to break the connection so they could all be happy. I swear more went on than relationship shit but damn it's all I can think about!! Sep 15, Grim Lolita rated it it was amazing. The decisions Chloe made when it came to the brothers drove me crazy! I usually read a book in about a day, but I had to continually put the book down and take my mind off of it because I would get so worked up.

As I say all this, know that it comes from a good place. Heather Lyons is an amazing writer that knows how to hit all my emotions and push all my buttons. I love a great story and tend to get into all my books, but there are just a select few authors, who tell just a select few stories, that can get to me this much and make me feel happiness, sadness, anger, etc.

And this is definitely one of those authors and one of those stories. If you haven't read this series yet, you are seriously missing out. Can't wait for the next books to come out to see where this story will go. I know who I want Chloe to end up with Team J! View all 5 comments. Mar 02, Erica rated it it was amazing. I can't even deal! This is a phenomenal series, and it found me just when I needed it!

View all 3 comments. Sep 11, Julie Johnson rated it it was amazing. Not many books bring out so many emotions for me but this one definitely does. Loved this book, especially how it ended. I'm excited to find out what happens next! Feb 23, Lindy rated it really liked it Shelves: blog-tour , na-romance , favorite , blog-review. Little did I know, that this book would absolutely blow me away.

It became a favorite of mine. So, as you can imagine, when I had the opportunity to review the sequel, A Matter of Heart, I was filled with excitement! Lyons delivered an amazing sequel! I just can't seem to get enough of this series! I devoured this book almost pages, and before I knew it, I had fin My Thoughts: I read A Matter of Fate, back in February, when I got a tour invite, and was interested by the book synopsis. I devoured this book almost pages, and before I knew it, I had finished the book.

A Matter of Fate had it all; an excellent storytelling, beautiful descriptions, angst, passion filled love, magic, politics, imagination, uniqueness, and authenticity. This series, is without a doubt, one of the best that deals with love triangles. I constantly felt the main character, Chloe's angst, desperation, lust, love, and passionate need for both of her connections comparable to destined soul mates, identical twins, Jonah, and Kellan Whitecomb.

No wonder this poor girl had a horrible ulcer that she couldn't get rid of throughout the whole story. She was beyond stressed, because no matter what decisions she made, she would hurt one of the two men she loved in the process, and by default hurt herself. A Matter of Heart was action-packed! There was never a dull moment, as Chloe joined the council, and took on the heavy responsibility of using her magic to head missions dictated to her, and that caused conflict within her.

The Elders were still after her, and all of the other magicals, and they were just as powerful, and non-relenting as ever. Jonah became a more active and powerful part of the council, and was sent on a variety of missions. His love for Chloe grew, and tore him apart inside, because he knew that Chloe's heart was divided between him and his brother.

Kellan wanted Chloe more than anything, and tried to stay away from Chloe, but to no avail. I did not envy Chloe's position whatsoever. She needed both brothers. Fate had dictated that they would both be her connections, and to be away from one or the other, would cause Chloe great pain. Sasha Quinton, v-p of marketing at Readerlink Distribution Services, said the return dollars at the distributor were down by double digits through April, compared to the same period in Readerlink has invested heavily in new systems over the years, and it has installed those systems in each of the companies it has bought.

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A Matter of Heart (Fate Series Book 2) A Matter of Heart (Fate Series Book 2)
A Matter of Heart (Fate Series Book 2) A Matter of Heart (Fate Series Book 2)
A Matter of Heart (Fate Series Book 2) A Matter of Heart (Fate Series Book 2)
A Matter of Heart (Fate Series Book 2) A Matter of Heart (Fate Series Book 2)
A Matter of Heart (Fate Series Book 2) A Matter of Heart (Fate Series Book 2)
A Matter of Heart (Fate Series Book 2) A Matter of Heart (Fate Series Book 2)

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