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Trust is the essential ingredient for leadership success.

And that is perfectly fine.

Prayer for Making Wise Decisions and Choices

Is it in line with the will of God? Everybody has a worldview, whether they believe in God or not. Our decisions are as good as our belief systems. Just like every input into the computer is processed through the operating system, so it is with our worldview. All the worldviews that exist, he said, can be grouped into three categories. This view is held by naturalists and atheists. This view is held by many Eastern religions. This view is held by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

In which of these categories does your worldview belong? Acknowledge your worldview and act accordingly. It asks too little of yourself. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose. My second key to making wise decisions is to make decisions that are consistent with my wiring or why. I believe that our wiring helps us determine our why. Design determines destiny. An excellent way to make decisions about what you want to do or not do is to ask, does this align with my wiring or my why?

Does it align with my why? We have to do work that helps make us better human beings while at the same time making the world a better place. Some people might not think the word holiness and business belong together. Holiness speaks of purity, integrity, moral purpose, respect, and reverence. Companies have a huge social responsibility to the communities they operate in to be blameless and above reproach. Filter Questions: 1 Would this choice align with the word that guides my life and my worldview beliefs and values? Your worldview or word of God, if you are a person of faith, will shape what your mission, calling, beliefs and values are.

Is this decision based on the facts? Base your decisions on facts, not feelings. Wise decisions are made by gathering the facts, understanding them, and applying them. How stupid to decide before knowing the facts! Note: Avoid the perfection trap. The perfectionist keeps gathering information. You just need to know enough to make a responsible decision. There are two major types of knowing. You can know something through the scientific path or you can know something through the spiritual path i.

Contrary to common belief, especially among atheistic scientists, science is not the only way to know. There are things that science by definition which limits itself to the material world cannot know. If your decision and the options you are considering will benefit only from scientific quantitative or qualitative knowledge, then go get that kind of information. If it will benefit from spiritual information, then, by all means, get that. If it will benefit from both, then get both.


The internal information that guides us is often referred to by many names in addition to instincts, inner sense, or intuition. Impressions , inward promptings of the spirit, or inner impulses of the spirit are also names for this quiet inner voice. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when trying to judge the things you sense instinctively.

The voice of truth always moves us toward growth spiritually, mentally, physically, and socially. The voice of truth never condemns you. If you hear voices that condemn you, say you are no good, bring stress to your life or make you feel like quitting or not living at all, you can be sure that those are not voices of truth and love. At the information gathering stage, I encourage leaders to hold empirical information in the right hand and what your instincts are saying in the left hand and pay attention to both.

I encourage them to harness their ability to acquire and rightly process both types of information. You have to seek information and guidance from within and without. What our creator reveals on the inside must align with the providential things he does on the outside. Internal evidence must agree with external evidence. At this point, a word of caution is in order. We know that many great pioneers have had ideas that were way ahead of their times.

Success in business often comes when great entrepreneurs have an idea by instinct, intuition, or inner sense and really believe that it would change the world when very few people do. These were all innovative ideas at the time. Guess where they started? As the concept was proven, investors joined. And they moved out of garages into the buildings that they envisioned.

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I teach several courses on social entrepreneurship at Austin Bible University. In addition to that, I frequently work with many leaders who are also people of faith. When they sense something that they believe God wants them to do, they want to go out and create the final vision right away. Somehow, they feel that starting slow and letting things just happen naturally means they are showing a lack of faith in God.

When I speak with them, I like to use examples that that audience understands. I point to Joseph and David. He had to be thrown in a pit, mocked, sold as a slave to a foreign country, thrown in prison and forgotten before his dreams ever happened. And he did little to bring about those dreams outside his character development and devotion. David was the same way, the vision that he would become king took over a decade and he had to run for his life for a long time.

Have you explored the possibility of starting small perhaps in a garage or by renting a place , testing the concept to make sure it is successful before then growing to the point of building a building or investing in a bigger way? To be honest, there have been times when my inner sense has turned out wrong.

For every significant, project, it is wise to test things by going slow and seeing how things turn out. That is not a lack of faith. It is wisdom. Let God build it. It describes the end, and it will be fulfilled. If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently, for it will surely take place. It will not be delayed. God himself will build the vision one step at a time. Meeting in makeshift places and starting small is very wise. For example, Rick Warren started the now famous Saddleback church in his living room. When it grew out of there, he rented school gymnasiums and held church in there for many years before building the acre dream campus God put in his heart.

In business terms, that allows for a concept to be tested and the market proved before serious resources are invested. Famous Orphan Care worker and pastor George Muller used the following systematic approach to discerning the will of God.

Your Viewing History

I think we can learn a lot from him as we seek to make wise decisions and discern the voice of truth in our lives. In medicine, we use values-based decision-making models to help patients make good medical decisions. Values-based decision-making is very effective in every area of life, not only when it comes to medical decisions. For Muller, the Word of God Bible is an uncompromising core value. Every decision he makes must align with it. Impressions, ideas or inward promptings that he has must align with what for him is an unshakable core value, the word of God.

The word of God for him is the sum of all his core values. Men like George Muller value and treasure the words of God bible more than my daily bread. It is their central core value. When they make decisions that align with it, it brings them joy. Filter Question: Does the choice I want to make or the direction I want to take align with well-researched and examined facts? Is the choice I want to make or direction I want to take consistent with my inner sense or inward prompting of the holy spirit? Do the spirit and the Word agree?

Surrender your will and mitigate cognitive biases that interfere with effective decision-making. Have you ever seen two groups of scientists who evaluate the same data and come up with two different conclusions? Catholics and protestants can look at the same facts from church history and come up with two different interpretations or conclusions. We often see what we want to see. Our preconceived notions, beliefs, desires, and motivations influence our perception.

If we believe something is true, we look for evidence to support it. We rarely look for the evidence that might refute it. If a man falls in love with a woman before getting to know her to find out if she is a suitable partner for marriage, he ends up spending his time looking for reasons why she is good for him and ignoring every indication that she might not be a suitable partner for marriage.

George Muller handled this entrapment by our desires and passions nicely. When one is truly in this state, it is usually but a little way to the knowledge of what His will is. The 3rd key to making wise decisions is to get your heart into such a state that it has no will of its own in regard to a given matter. Remove your emotions from the picture. All you want to know is the truth, no matter it is.

How to Make Wise Decisions

What Mr. You want nothing but the truth. Because the truth shall set you free. Free from digging yourself further into the pit. Free from future pain. So, get the facts to make an informed decision. Surrender your will. Be willing to go wherever the facts take you. Become a good scientist and not let the outcome you want to cloud your judgment.

As hard as it is, bring your heart to a place where it has no will of its own. This will enable you to be objective. Nine-tenths of the trouble with people is just here. The importance of information in making wise decisions is that the facts will show us the truth. The job of making wise decisions simply becomes making decisions that are in line with the truth. To do this, we must first suspend our own prejudgments and desires so that we can truly handle the information fairly and arrive at the truth.

The result becomes that they have selective sight perception and selective hearing.

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They only pick information that supports their preconceived notions and desires. The outcome of that is foolish, not wise decision-making. We will make better decisions and experience more success as we increase our knowledge, pursue truth, and develop an obsession for wisdom. This content was brought to you by Impact PartnersVoice. Glenn Johnson is the president of Manumit United, Inc. Glenn Johnson became an investment advisor representative in and a mortgage broker in and formed Manumit United, a c 3, in He also has experience inv Glenn Johnson Brand Contributor.

Read More. So how do you decide wisely? What good decision-making habits can you inculcate? This is especially important in the light of Ephesians Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil. So then do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is. Hoomans , in his book 35, Decisions: The Great Choices of Strategic Leaders, suggests six ways that people decide:.

10 Biblical Principles For Making Wise Decisions - Watermark

We are likely to use a combination of these decision-making strategies in different life situations. However, each decision, each choice you make carries certain consequences. The ability to choose is an exhilarating God-given power for which you must be solely responsible. And your approach to decision-making is the first critical choice you have to make.

When making major decisions in life, I have a small group of friends who are my advisors. These are trusted friends who have helped me think and pray through major life decisions. So how can you decide wisely? Rationally, Hoomans suggests assigning decisions to one of four tiers:. Tier 4: Decisions that you can risk deflection , such as when someone asks you for an opinion.

Tier 3: Routine decisions that can be left to a simple impulsive or compliant response , for example, meal decisions or when joining group leisure activities.



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