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August Stand: September Personal Details. Date an place of birth. Marital Status. Airline Transport Pilot Licence Nr. Medical Certificate Ref. Beside the flight duties I developed and programmed a computer program to support flight operations, flight planning and statistics.

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I optimized a VFR search procedure over sea to increase the possibility of finding a survivor. Basic Sea Survival training, including open sea training, Nordholz.


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Readers with a general interest in Horace might skip that third section and just read the concluding part of this review. At the beginning of his study M. Further biographical details are interspersed piecemeal in the course of M. The first chapter is devoted to Horace's childhood and adolescence , the second gives a brief account of his service on the side of Brutus in the civil war He begins with an interpretation of the Epodes , followed by a close look at the first and second book of the Satires ; and the first three books of the Odes In that context, he pays particular attention to Odes 1, 1 and 1, 38 , to poems dealing with love and friendship , to the 'Roman Odes' , to the philosophical topics in Odes 2, 10 and 2, 16 , and to carmina addressed to the gods Next, M.

The letters to Florus, the Pisones and Augustus are given a somewhat shorter and more summary treatment towards the end of the book Finally, M. This epilogue is followed by a select bibliography and an index of Horatian passages discussed for their textual, stylistic, linguistic or methodological interest , which supplements the detailed table of contents at the beginning of the book ix-xiv. First I would like to discuss some matters of formal presentation.

To begin with, much can be said in favour of this mongraph. Its main merits are a mostly careful attention to detail, linguistic as well as artistic, and many interesting digressions stored away in numerous learned footnotes. Most of the time, M. Yet, despite these merits, M. Perhaps the most readily noticeable of these is the uneven treatment of recent scholarship in its bibliography. Moreover, considering the scope of the work, it would have been good if the reader had been provided with all the things that lighten the load of working through such a bulky book. Yet unfortunately, this monograph does not have a general index, nor a meta-bibliography.

In addition to that, M. Still, in most cases this does not seriously affect the general usability of the book. An exception is the way M. I have to say that the uneven treatment of quotations from Fraenkel's Horace Oxford and its German translation ; fourth edition is a bit of a nuisance to the reader. Moreover, M. Is it e. Signs of the same kind of slight authorial negligence can be found in the references supplied in M. Sometimes they are mystifyingly cryptic, e. Similar examples of this kind of telegraphic style can be found e. Apart from the formal side, M. In his preface on p. Among other things, he declares that it is his aim to "protect the ancient text, as far as possible, against corruptions, not the least against those arising from interpretation.

Very often they come about when people are unwilling to serve the text with due awe and instead misuse it egoistically for the benefit of rash ideas or insipid ideologies. Too much quibbling, however, may result in sounding gratuitously polemical. And indeed, a bitter after-taste is created by numerous and rather gratuitous slurs e. A typical example of such polemics can be found in a footnote on p. Lyne, which closes with a rhetorical question in an utterly condescending tone: "How about reading the text more carefully? I am conscious of the fact that a work of such an ambitious character and scope will inevitably contain passages about which some people may feel prone to disagree with the author.

Moreover, it is almost impossible to avoid at least some factual errors or inaccuracies. The following list of little things I am dissatisfied with may appear rather long. Some matters of presentation will be glossed over. Missing or superfluous spaces are not mentioned, let it suffice to say that there are quite a few of them. For the sake of brevity, the considerable number of missing or superfluous commas, brackets, and other punctuation marks will not be listed either. Had his mother died in childbirth and had his father have him reared by a nurse?

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It was by no means uncommon for upper-class infants and children to have a nurse, nutrix , to accompany and even rear and educate a child. Fraenkel, Horace , Oxford , p.

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BC 3, 98, 2. So the position of the corpses would be indicative of the soldiers' ignominious cowardice.

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Thematically, this would be more in tune with Horace's literary self-stylisation as a rhipsaspis. At the same time, this motif, reminiscent of Alcaeus and Archilochus, would throw into relief the crucial difference between him and the other cowards: Though probably being a coward himself, at least he is still alive, and so is Pompeius Varus. Scaliger, Poetices libri septem , book 6, chapter 7 p. Nisi dicas quaeritis communiter , id est omnes, quid expediat melior pars quaeritis carere laboribus.

At idem est. Vides vero quantam duritiem. It is attributed to a man called "Scrinerius". That name should probably read "Scriverius" here and elsewhere e. Moreover, contrary to M. Rather, he suggested reading malarum Roma quas instead of malarum quas amor. Victor Grassmann's standard monograph Die erotischen Epoden des Horaz: Literarischer Hintergrund und sprachliche Tradition , Munich , shows just how much can profitably be said about these poems.

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Davis [ Pomponius Porphyrio is of a different opinion; he is followed by J. Yet I would not be as confident as M. A good discussion of the problems involved is provided by Muecke, p. I am significantly less confident about all this than M. A helpful further discussion of this ode can be found in Th. Birt, Horaz' Lieder , Leipzig , pp. How about Epodes 8 and 12, which M. This suggestion, however, has already been made by F. Cody, Horace and Callimachean Aesthetics , Brussels , pp.

Fraenkel, Horace , Oxford , pp. Das war in c. Actually, M. We are not concerned with them here, and it is highly improbable that we will find out about them. Maybe some punctuation or some words are missing?

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He concludes: "We [i. Yet, avoiding the political side of Horace is a difficult thing to do and will almost inevitably result in a lopsided view of his work. Readers of M. This is just one example instead of many "vernutzt" on p.

Lyne, who had dared to criticize Horace as wildly ambitious : "Great poets like Horace, Vergil and also great writers of more recent times can only be reached by a very small number of people in the sense that they actually grasp what these writers wanted, which thoughts and images were alive in them, and that knowledge reaches much more deeply than normal people like us could ever go.

Werke von Ernst Moritz Arndt (German Edition) Werke von Ernst Moritz Arndt (German Edition)
Werke von Ernst Moritz Arndt (German Edition) Werke von Ernst Moritz Arndt (German Edition)
Werke von Ernst Moritz Arndt (German Edition) Werke von Ernst Moritz Arndt (German Edition)
Werke von Ernst Moritz Arndt (German Edition) Werke von Ernst Moritz Arndt (German Edition)
Werke von Ernst Moritz Arndt (German Edition) Werke von Ernst Moritz Arndt (German Edition)
Werke von Ernst Moritz Arndt (German Edition) Werke von Ernst Moritz Arndt (German Edition)

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