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How To Make A Profit Buying & Selling Websites

However, I found that the process was not as smooth or thorough as FE International. You can try to sell your website for any amount of money you want, but there is no guarantee that it will sell. The company also does not really advise you on anything the way FE International and Empire Flippers do. As you can probably imagine, since Flippa is such a free-for-all marketplace similar to eBay, there is a bigger risk of scam. The websites listed on sale are not really vetted and all due diligence falls on the buyer.

I lead the creative and growth strategy at Bacic Media Group, a data publishing agency focusing on knowledge sharing and consumer education. Although I enjoy every form Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin Have you ever wondered how much your website was worth and how you can go about selling it? Should you sell your website? Haris Bacic Contributor.

Investment bank. I recommend Foundersib. Selling your website or digital business for maximum value requires you to know what the market will bear, and then ensure you've positioned the site to fetch a premium price. Sales Yearly profits Business growth trends How are you getting new customers Scalability of the business Breakdown of your customer acquisition channels How the business is positioned in the market The time you're spending running the business The systems and processes like within the business.

Predictably driving new sales to the business Diversifying your traffic sources and showing stable growth Providing a long history of detailed traffic stats Generating a high percentage of repeat visitors Showing the business has a clean legal history Positioning your branding in the market Establishing documented systems and processes Showing growth potential after the business is sold. First-time buyers. This is typically someone who is looking to purchase their first business, and are generally higher paid employees or C-level executives with disposable cash reserves, access to an SBA loan, or their IRA.

Internet entrepreneurs. Investors that have been in the internet industry for long periods of time have a good understanding of what it takes to run a digital business and are typically looking to add another business to their portfolio. Brick-and-mortar entrepreneurs. Many brick-and-mortar entrepreneurs are looking to get into internet businesses after recently selling their own company or because they want to scale their existing company through the purchase of your business.

Private equity companies. Private equity firms will typically purchase larger businesses and want to keep the management in place to continue growing the business. The opinions expressed here by Inc. Hi Viraj, today all my income is accounted for under a partnership with several companies I set up. It cost a lot to get the accountant to do it, but once you start making six figures and beyond it becomes worth it.

The website, which is a website shopping directory, consists of 8, pages. It also has listed near enough every village, town, city and county around the whole of the UK and Ireland, as well as the countries for the rest of the world and a mountain of categories. I have more or less just been adding affiliates at the moment, where the National Lottery is getting placed under roughly 8, pages alone. What I am thinking of doing in the near future is selling it on ebay and having a hefty fixed price or a fixed start off bid, but is selling it through Ebay okay?

Hi this is registerdomain. There was a course I had bought some time ago on buying and selling sites which is very comprehensive. It also came with sample documents for the paperwork. Selling a web site is a new thought to me but it has been surfacing regularly , lately. Thanks for the simple explanation, resources and all the points to take care of.

This is something to look into. Great post. Great reference. I would also definitely recommend using escrow when selling a website. I sold a site in the past and received payment through PayPal. Be safe and use escrow! Selling a website is not as simple as selling hotcakes down the street. You need to transfer the whole account and hosting and sign some contracts. There is a whole process for this. Thanks for sharing this one, gotta check mine too. I really like your post Yaro. I am still newbie in that web site selling market. Website is worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it.

Some realy good information was provided. However what I am looking for is what are the steps after you have found the buyer? Do I just give him access to my hosting account? I dont think I would but I am wondering what do I do to actualy transfer the ownership to the other person. Do you include all the articles on the site? Do you give him or her the opt — in list? Selling an internet business can be a confusing complex process that most internet business owners have little to no experience with.

While many entrepreneurs think it may be best to try and sell a website on their own, most are bound to make unavoidable mistakes because of their inexperience with the process. Of course there are hundreds of business brokers that can professionally represent your internet business, but there are only a few firms that exclusively deal with internet based businesses. Choosing to work with an internet business broker will increase the probability of a successful transaction with a fair market value.

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With the financial crisis slowly rescinding, we have seen business selling between 2 to 5 times the TTM net income. Of course the range will depend on a number of different factors including looking at many of the intangible assets that are common with established websites for sale. It is difficult to expect a traditional business broker take all of this into account when forming a valuation, as they usually represent website businesses a year. A professional internet business broker can handle everything and guide website owners through the overall process which includes preparing a company prospectus, marketing the business with discretion, screening buyers, handling negotiations, preparing the different agreements involved and keeping both parties on track to ensure a smooth transaction.

I think Yaro makes some great points in this article and his advice definitely points internet entrepreneurs in the right direction. To add my own 2 cents article. It may also be the smallest part of your asset. Suppose you build a social community, a hyper-active niche forum, a new XYZ tool with , users worldwide, a GroupOn knockoff with retail partnerships in major cities across the states and , registered users, or your website has a domain name that is easily brandable possibly even one word ; or you built a high content property that you never monetized….

The cashflow, in many models, is the least important.. That way once I buy it, I could get proper monetization in place and quickly be enjoying the revenues and recoup my investment. I know, silly exaggerated example but stay with me. The brand, the domain, the community etc is, of course, extremely valueable even if they had never flipped the ad-revenue on yet. Some buyers are looking for a cashflow business. A more creative and aggressive entrepreneur though cares about your full asset portfolio… what else do I get?

Email subscribers? Direct mail buyer list? Active community? Strong brand in the niche? A lot of organic traffic? Could anyone please help to sell my site. Its a eyewear E Commerce portal made on magento platform. Its includes all the advanced add ons like google base, google checkout, onestepcheckout, compare tool and lots more. Its just 3 month old portal which sell more than 50, USD product. So that comes around 18, USD per month. The monthly expenditure of the site is approx USD per month including everything.

As every one is saying the cost of the site is revenue multiply 2. So it comes around But i am not demanding that much amount. My cost is 20, USD.

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  4. If any one help to get that amount. What a great post! What makes it difficult is that the sales are for a product we also make ourselves. Many people want a site that is a site only. Or there are those who prefer to make a product and sell it offline. Nonetheless, I found this article extremely helpful and will be pushing the pencil different ways tomorrow as a result.

    Thank you! Yaro, thanks for sharing your great resource about the factors to be considered for selling a website. I sell websites for a living as a broker. In , most buyers expect to recoup their investment in about 3 years. Therefore, they do an equation based on current income and decide whether it is likely to continue as is, increase, or decrease. If your site is rich in traffic, they will try to figure out what it will take to monetize the site and recoup their investment in about 3 years. If you have an ecommerce site, they will tend to discount it if you hold a lot of inventory since money tied up in inventory cannot be invested elsewhere.

    For true value of a website you should calculate monthly revenue times depending on brand name, age and content and this is the reason no website estimator online is accurate. Nice detailed post Yaro! I can see how this post has attracted so much link love. As a website broker, I understand the challenges a seller faces when wanting to sell their websites.

    There are a ton of questions that buyers ask that sellers need to be prepared for in order to sell their site for the highest price. Having a professional on your side is recommended for any site owner that has a valuable site they are looking to sell. If anyone needs any advice or guidance, feel free to drop me a line.

    Wondering since this was written in , if there are updated places to sell your website, such as Flippa, etc. So what would be the price in that case? This time last year i was probably getting double the amount of sales compared to this year, which i think is related to the current global financial situation. I think timing is crucial if selling a web based business as if sold the website last year it would have been much more appealing to a buyer. I have been looking for a simple answer to this question.

    Just like any business that is sold, the stats and numbers is what sells it and what price to point. Other useful things you can do is analyse the links to your site inc PR and demonstrate their high quality. Also, consider the ease of maintenance of your site. The architecture and on-page SEO of some sites is so complicated that a new owner will want to rebuild.

    This would clearly be a great destroyer of value. Lots of good food for thought here, we have quite a few sites that — though they make us money — really are a drain on our resources. Really nice article, I enjoyed reading this very much indeed. I have sold a couple of websites over time, and have always made the price 3x the yearly income but the reason for this, is because the websites I make relies on search engine traffic.

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    I do not post money in advertising of the affiliate sites, but if I did the figures would also look a bit different. Already now I have sites making six figures a month just from search engine generated traffic. Wow, this is a really comprehensive post. I am a website broker for Quiet Light Brokerage and I built a calculator which is pretty accurate based on numerous deals we have done that have actually closed.

    That multiple for most sites is in the ballpark of 3x income. If a site has declining earnings, a short history or requires a lot of work, the price comes down. Does website value checking website gives sufficient data to make an estimation revenue value? Excellent Article. I really looking to sell one of my websites. I will sell my website using this article listed. Thanks a lot. Ravi, I think mentioning escrow. Thanks for sharing your great post,wish you have a nice day,happy every day! I just couldnt leave your website before saying that I really enjoyed the quality information you offer to your visitors… Will be back often to check up on new stuff you post!

    If I were to want to sell that, what kind of a deal would I want to structure? What would it be worth, lump sum? Any ideas? I think it is incredibly difficult to value a website. First and foremost is it the website that needs valuing or the company as a whole, which if course will include the website. Organic traffic and original content is the first things to look for. Great post Yaro! I always thought about 1 years net profit is a good price. How important is the nice? I could imagine that the selling price is higher for something that is an evergreen? I would like to know bloggers opinion about Flippa!

    Best regards! Hi guys, hope you cool. Selling websites can really be a great way to make money online. I think that the value of your website will depend on the content and the traffic it gets through internet. With colorful presentation, relevant content and seo traffic your site will be the favorite one. I think the hardest part of the process is to find potential buyers that will understand the value of your website.

    Many wnat to be online entrepreneurs will not be able to understand the value of an established, developed site vs a brand new build. Traffic these days is also hard to value and with so mnay web businesses out there, sale is the only hard measure of success. Thank you very much for the excellent info. Best wishes … C. Electronics Cornwall, UK.

    How Pros Make Money Online

    A another free bookmarking. Wow, so these posts started in and here I am in looking for info on how to sell my domain names. Just been reading several of your posts, tons of valuable information in here. Picked up several tips for my next batch. Adsense sites are a great start to the market. You can always use escrow. I buy and sell websiteson a regular basis but the figures I read here of 3 times yearly profit are really high, Most sales I have seen are 1 to 2 times yearly profit tops… It al depends on how long the website has been around, how long it has been making steady profit, and the competition in the niche.

    Nothing is sure online thats why sales that go for 1 to 2 times yearly profit are more common. Anyways If anyone wants to sell their website sent me a email I am always interested. Ben, escrow is a great way to transfer a site. Another good service is moniker.

    How To Start Selling Website on Flippa: A Beginner's Guide

    Your MessageYaro although this post is quite old it is still highly relavant. Always creating evergreen stuff great work. Mark in response to your question, the whole family is sick ploy, really need the money is a bit of a give away in regards to scams. I came across a similar site last year where a guy was selling an adsense site a really low multiples. Just be careful of things like that. If you are paying big money for it, maybe it is a good idea to pay someone to do some due dilligence.

    It is more than the value to sell. I do not think there is a specific method of calculating the value of a website. One of the most miserable things I have recently realized is that you must never abandon your site! Often finding private website buyers can be a great alternative to brokers and marketplaces. I have one question I have created some websites using wordpress. I write my own content as well as I installed some wordpress premium plugins.

    And also I used paid themes. If I sell website what happens to these paid plugins and themes? When I bought themes and plugins, it was mentioned that I should use only on my own domains. Because those plugins are part of the site, it only makes sense to include them. If you paid alot of money for those plugins or you just want to make some spare change off them Im guessing it wasnt that much, wordpress plugins are quite cheap then you can always add them to the total of the quote.

    Sure if you were making the plugin yourself and it was only designed for your purpose and then no-one else had developed a similar plugin to you and it was unique that would add some value. Anyone interested in my site? Send me you proposal! Can you email me the profit details, traffic etc from the past year. I am looking to make money online for some time now. I have attempted a whole lot ofimportant things, from internet marketing, to affiliate marketing and likewise to style and design and offer my personal products.

    Are these internet based predictions any worthy? Confused whom to trust. Curious to know how selling a website works regarding taxes? Best wishes, Ashley Minas Dr. Great article with very useful information! Thanks for the article. I am also looking to sell mine and I have absolutely no clue on how to execute the sale process. After making the sale, how would I transfer the website over to the buyer?

    Would I just download the website via a FTP client and then send it to the buyer? There are websites now with calculations put in place if the site is making money through advertising only. Its not an end all number but it can give a good idea of a sites value. Thanks for this great article. It just sounds fishy. Have you any suggestions as to how to sell at the right price and who or how you trust the person your selling to????

    As I may be looking to sell my business in the very forseable future. They allow you to post an ad to find the right buyer. Once you find someone you work out the terms of the deal and complete the transfer. I like this better than auction sites since those seem to put to much pressure to sell. The other nice thing with sellmyapplication. Im in the process of finding a buyer in Brazil. A billion dollar industry. I found your post much easier to understand, so thank you Yaro. Thank you for the article. I spent many months trying to gather info on how to sell websites and other businesses.

    I also compiled a few online calculators for either websites or businesses. Does something with no revenue still have value? How do you actually transfer the site to the new owners? Do you contact the host Yahoo in my case , and transfer their name to the site being sold? Who handles this? And how? I have recently started earning for my website. It is just 2 months old site. Can I sell this website?

    If yes shaould should be the right price for it? But, the variables to consider in a business are: 1. But, 2. That is for a basic website, but the fact that it has other things like E-Shop capabilities for example, add up to the price. Great piece and thanks for your terrific endorsement of Flippa as the 1 marketplace for buying and selling websites. Thanks for sharing your personal experience Yaro but people are buying websites like a vegies and fruits where you given a proper definition to them Actually i was suppose to sell one of my blog got a good guidance from you by G search engine!

    Closely related to this wonderful article I have developed a website worth estimation algorithm that you can try here:. Sound advice Vincent. Flippa actually as a brokering service for their bigger deals as well, which I only found out about recently they sort of hide it. We personally list our sites by taking the average net profit of the past 3 months and multiplying by I dont take telephone orders and i log in once a day to process orders and updates, The product is also manufactured by my manufacturer and sent direct to the customer under my banner, I have a completely new project that i am looking to do and considered selling the business.

    I was wondering if anyone could give me some idea of a potentail realistic sale price of this business as there is repeat trade as well as new trade and the sites sales are growing year on year. Many Thanks. This is an very well written article! Wow, awesome quality of educational content and personal experiences. I know for me at least, these figures had me stopping to do a little bit of long math. Although after reading this and the comments, seeing figures like , thousand dollars is remarkable! Thanks for sharing!

    Yaro I am completely agree with you about what conversation you described between you and your friend because as my thoughts could be same. I gone through lots of articles about this but most of the time I ended up with a link to calculate how much the site worth. You provided absolutely clear and clean description about selling site as well as how to gather information before putting first step ahead. I just want to ask a simple question as I am still bit confused that does the revenue of any site matters, for example if I have a website with good alexa ranking but 0 income as there are no advertisements shown on site.

    So should I put advertisement before selling the site? The question of when to sell is a personal one, but whether there is a buyer depends on the market. Hey Yaro, Thanks for the above excellent post. It provided me all the required details which i wanted. Now I got a brief Idea on selling my website. I need one more help, If you know any genuine website for estimating worth of my website. Thanks in advance. I just read your articles and found its really worth for new comer.

    My question is i want to sell this site so can someone will buy this. When it has value you can sell it Narendra. Value generally means it has an audience and makes money, but you never know what a buyer is looking for until you start looking for buyers. I would not buy on ebay, but selling is different.

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    But Ebay is one of the last places you want to buy and sell websites on. To much nonsense on there and not worth the time. There are plenty of other good places to buy and sell domain names and websites. Such as:. I have great experience and nothing is better than diving in head first if you are not. Hey mary, send me income and traffic details of the last 6 months and add me to the Google analytics, i am interested in buying.

    Awesome article, I was figuring out how to sell my website and what are the precautions we have to know. Your post was really helpful. Great post! Thanks for this useful article. I am looking some good place to sell from last two months, awesome article. Nice article Yaro. I myself have built a nice income buying and flipping old websites. There are thousands of gems out there that are basically waiting for people to buy. Many of these owners want nothing to do with their websites and these can be picked up easily from their owners.

    This process can then be repeated over and over for a reasonably stable income. Its really a good article and good opinion of yours. But I disagree on most of the points. One is traffic. If you are going to buy a website looking at its traffic then you need to think it twice. Why I am telling this is I have found many people using bots and many other traffic generation tools which you can buy for few bucks. So, would you like to end up in buying website looking at these traffic.

    If I am there to buy some website first I would look at how useful it is going to be fir my users or visitors, second the CPC for the keyword, domain name do matters a lot for me so I look at the keyword used at the domain name and the last thing is that I am going to look at the content, how well it is written. Anyway thank you for giving your time writing such a good article. I am just starting to think about selling my business which I started over 12 years ago now.

    I found this article to be really helpful. It a big step selling a small business which is really so much part of your life. I hope that I can get a good price for mine! There is no way in the world I would remotely consider selling that business for 12 times the monthly earnings, not even 3 times the annual earnings. Would have to be desperate or have rocks in my head. Hi, I dont know if this is a good enough place to put a hypothetical question. If I have a website thats roughly a couple of weeks old. Even the content is covered and you just have to spend half an hour to checkup on things.

    How much can I sell this website for? I listed site in ebay. It is 6 months old to visiters perday with google adsence approval how much can I expect. Thanks for the well written article. Hi, I have agreed a price for my website which is just over a yr old built by a web developer in Prestashop as well as code. I have given the passwords for them to see how the site is built but say they want access to all of the web files including any SEO copy. Please could you advise, are they entitled to this info? My concerns are twofold; I would not want any comeback regarding any copy that I have written and I also intend to start a new business using a couple of the products that I sold on the website.

    Are there any legal implications I need to be aware of? Many thanks for any advise. Sounds a great information before selling a website. Flippa is a great place but there are other sites where one can sell or buy websites. Educating yourself with all that will help you get maximum profit possible. I am going to selling my website and your guidelines will help me a lot.

    Thanks for such a great content.

    How to Sell a Website for Millions

    A very valuable article as always. I am not anyway affiliate to Sedo. Thanks for the share. Thanks for the tips! I am a US small businessman in Thailand. I have been offered a Thai website for what I believe is a great price. It was opened one week ago and the developer has a medical emergency and must return to his homeland of India. I want to buy the site and then have my staff sell advertising. It is my first venture into the web — and I am a true newbie………….. I must first acquire the site in the next 24 hours and then figure out what I have……….. Mark, first think I suggest is you use escrow.

    It is buyingandsellingwebsites. I recommend if you have the money that you buy this course. It really is the only way to complete a transaction safely unless you know the buyer and seller very well. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Preparing To Sell The more information you can provide to potential buyers the better. You should prepare at least these figures: Your website traffic statistics including unique visitors averages and totals , pageviews averages and totals , growth rates over time, which countries they are from, how much traffic comes from search engines and direct bookmarks, which keywords your site is popular for and the PageRank of your site.

    Source: Making money from your website using advertising Your financial figures. If you run a proper business then you should have these in some form of accounting package. The profit and loss statement is a popular choice for potential buyers but of course the more data you can provide the better. I also had bills for expenses such as hosting and domain names and given those were the only costs and income for the site I provided those figures to serious buyers. Finding Buyers Once you have decided a rough figure you would be happy with you can head out and find buyers and see how much demand there is.

    Searching Your Industry My initial thoughts were to find a local buyer in my home country my site was focused on the Australian marketplace. Searching Outside Your Industry Once you search locally with no success you might want to try and search simply for a buyer looking for a website. Making The Sale Eventually you should find someone interested in your site and the negotiation will begin.

    When finalising the details of the sale I suggest you keep in mind these points: How and when will the money be transferred? Direct bank wire? Cash in hand? Write up some form of formal contract with dates and agreed upon price and have all parties sign it. Of course if you are completing a big bucks deal then get yourself a lawyer to make sure you stay on top of the legal concerns. Define how long you will provide support for. I chose to make myself available for a long time and even today I still help out occasionally.

    Trying To Make Money Online? Don't Sell Websites. Do This Instead.

    You might want to play it safe and document the mandatory period you must provide support. Stay on top of all the technical little things. Web business is a complicated task and there are a lot of web tools that you might be using and have even forgot about. Yaro Starak Internet Entrepreneur. Share this post Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Yaro Starak Yaro is a serial entrepreneur, blogger, podcaster and digital nomad. Yaro on at. Dave Ryan on at. Iv allways valued a business by its potential. Not its worth. There are many people that specalize in internet real estate, and its a booming business.

    People are prospecting like its the Wild Wild West. I quite like peekstats. Liew on at. Hi, Any one have idea how much i can sell it this website for?? My daily unique visitors : My monthly Average income by ads : Still Calculate www[dot]getfreedomainhosting. Faisal on at. Gary Sada on at. Jon on at.

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    Sell That Website Sell That Website
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