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But, since , palaeontologists have been contending with the perturbing discovery, based on hundreds of amazing specimens from China, that many dinosaurs also had feathers. Co-author, Baoyu Jiang from the University of Nanjing, added: "At first, the dinosaurs with feathers were close to the origin of birds in the evolutionary tree. So, the origin of feathers was pushed back at least to the origin of those bird-like dinosaurs, maybe million years ago. Perhaps feathers were present in the very first dinosaurs.

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Danielle Dhouailly from the University of Grenoble, also a co-author, works on the development of feathers in baby birds, especially their genomic control. She said: "Modern birds like chickens often have scales on their legs or necks, and we showed these were reversals: what had once been feathers had reversed to be scales. Feathers could have evolved very early.

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Baoyu Jiang continued: "The breakthrough came when we were studying two new pterosaurs from China. We expected single strands -- monofilaments -- but what we saw were tufts and down feathers.

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Pterosaurs had feathers. Professor Benton added: "This drives the origin of feathers back to million years ago at least. The Early Triassic world then was recovering from the most devastating mass extinction ever, and life on land had come back from near-total wipe-out. Instead of arriving later by comet impact, Earth's waters have likely existed since our planet's birth.

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The water that makes Earth a majestic blue marble was here from the time of our planet's birth, according to a new study of ancient meteorites , scientists reported Thursday. Where do the oceans come from? The study pushes back the clock on the origin of Earth's water by hundreds of millions of years, to around 4. Scientists had suspected that our planet formed dry, with high-energy impacts creating a molten surface on the infant Earth. Water came much later, went the thinking, thanks to collisions with wet comets and asteroids.

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For that reason, he said, scientists thought that "surface water as it exists on our planet today must have come much, much later—hundreds of millions of years later. But no one was certain. To pin down the exact time of the arrival of Earth's water, the study team turned to analyzing meteorites thought to have formed at different times in the history of the solar system.

First, they looked at carbonaceous chondrite meteorites that have been dated as the oldest ones known. Our token first meal of the day typically consists of eggs, with poultry only nearing our plates during lunch or dinner.

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In addition, eggs of other birds predated chickens by millions of years, and there are fossils to prove it. So, in comparison to other types of birds, chickens came rather late to the evolutionary party. Japanese researchers have discovered a complex process to fertilize eggs that, long story short, produce male chicks that are crossbred with females to lay eggs containing the protein-producing cancer-fighting genes.

Some Came First Some Came First
Some Came First Some Came First
Some Came First Some Came First
Some Came First Some Came First
Some Came First Some Came First

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