The ancestry of Abraham Lincoln (1909)

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This is flattery with a transformative purpose. Herein lies the true, and largely unappreciated genius of the speech.

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Because he understands the intransigence of race pride, Washington does not, for the most part, confront it directly; instead, he contrives ways to disarm and reconfigure it. He climbed up out of the valley, where his vision was narrowed and weakened by the fog and miasma, onto the mountain top, where in a pure and unclouded atmosphere he could see the truth which enabled him to rate all men at their true worth.

Growing out of this anniversary season and atmosphere, may there crystallize a resolve throughout the nation that on such a mountain the American people will strive to live. About the Author. Your email address will not be published.

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The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/Lincoln, Abraham

DOI However, he is not universal. For above all—and especially since his assassination on Good Friday, April 14, , when his presence became as pervasive as the penny that has carried his profile since —Abraham Lincoln is an American national hero. Many U. Lincoln means America, the United States. But nowhere in European popular culture is Lincoln equally deified. The Lincoln Memorial only there since is somewhat of a holy ground from which to claim or launch any profound American reform.

European culture, neither one nor united, does not work this way. Europe is not a nation, but many countries and economic systems. Lincoln—The Moments 4 Culture is filter. Each nation cultivates its members by virtue of what it keeps in and what it keeps out.

As the Cheyenne say: As the soil, so the sprouting. Lincoln has generally been absent as a model in European social and public life, rarely emphasized as an essential part of education or in the public forum.

And even then he was never as penny obvious in Europe as he was in America. Having personally reviewed these Euro-American gatherings of long military report books, personal memoirs, autobiographies and biographies, reference books, lectures printed or recorded in the form of personal notes as well as lengthy and deliciously untidy family scrap books, I discovered only intermittent or special-interest use of Lincoln.

Lincoln is almost not there. Lincoln Goes to the Movies? Witness European cinema: Until the celebrations of the Lincoln bicentennial in , there is no record of Lincoln ever having been present in a European movie or used and presented on European TV.

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Reinhart proudly noted in Abraham Lincoln on Screen 2. Note that Reinhart implied this happened in all film and TV programs. But then heroism is a very ethnocentric phenomenon. Watching a biopic subject of stellar significance, critics and intellectuals, broadsheet journalists, and academic historians praised man and media.

But not the European general public or the box office take, the Internet commentators and bloggers—in short: the people who voted by buying tickets. How odd from the U. Which turned out to be a European dud. But the big green feed-in was not from the global market, and especially not from Europe. National Identity and Empire 16 Identity is continuity over time.

Abraham Lincoln

It lies in cultural otherness, the nature of our individual self as a member of a nation. Why must Lincoln be universal? Well, this is an idea first sensed and promulgated by Lincoln himself. As an experienced attorney, Lincoln knew that by emphasizing his self-importance in certain key actions, he could advance his own ends. With the fate of human dignity in our hands. European and American Popular Culture Heroes 18 Popular culture is the folklore of industrial man with folklore ruling high as a power surge of ordinary interests.

It is a son of the soil, deeply local.

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The ancestry of Abraham Lincoln (1909) The ancestry of Abraham Lincoln (1909)
The ancestry of Abraham Lincoln (1909) The ancestry of Abraham Lincoln (1909)
The ancestry of Abraham Lincoln (1909) The ancestry of Abraham Lincoln (1909)
The ancestry of Abraham Lincoln (1909) The ancestry of Abraham Lincoln (1909)
The ancestry of Abraham Lincoln (1909) The ancestry of Abraham Lincoln (1909)
The ancestry of Abraham Lincoln (1909) The ancestry of Abraham Lincoln (1909)
The ancestry of Abraham Lincoln (1909) The ancestry of Abraham Lincoln (1909)
The ancestry of Abraham Lincoln (1909) The ancestry of Abraham Lincoln (1909)
The ancestry of Abraham Lincoln (1909)

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